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    We are opening funding for 《SandFlame: Vengeance》on Kickstarter!

    《SandFlame: Vengeance》 is absolutely a new in-developing ios game with enormous potential, everyone can fund our project on kickstarter to contribute to our success & share game incomes. From $5 - $10,000, you can try to be a great investor on the game. What are you waiting for?

    For more information about the game, please go to:Sand Flame: Vengeance by Imohoo Infotech — Kickstarter

    2012-12-14 06:52 AM
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    2012-12-18 06:41 AM
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    Update #1:

    - We have updated our main video, you can see a better footage of things that's going on with our game.

    - We have also updated our rewards page, adding reward such as multiplayer alpha-beta testing to the reward page.

    - We have updated stretch goals, too!

    - Supporting us and Support our Hero!
    2012-12-28 07:56 AM
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    Thank You For Your Generous Support! Your Generosity will be greatly rewarded!

    2013-01-14 06:18 AM