1. carrousmile's Avatar
    I had only one iPad, but I have two sons, the younger one is two and a half years old, grabbing iPad with his 5 years old brother everyday. Staying at home on holiday, seeing two fellows fighting all day long, really annoying! What about buying one more? iPand or Mini?
    And what apps should I download for them? I downloaded 《Little Fox》、《Winter Forest》、《Good Night》, all good, and I noticed that《Winter Forest 2》has just come online. What else good apps for children age 2 to 5?
    2012-12-19 05:22 AM
  2. carrousmile's Avatar
    i had brought iPad mini
    2013-01-10 09:53 AM
  3. scorpluto's Avatar
    My mom the best and elmo loves 123 are good application for kids. thoroughly enjoyable.
    2013-01-12 12:12 PM