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    If you are interested in Starbunker:Guardians and its sequel. These games can be freely downloaded on 7th Feb. 2013!!

    We know there are so many iPad tower defense games ranking in iTunes app list, but find an unique, interesting and characteristic games for yourself is still not easy, for me, i do not follow the iTunes official list, i always find a game that's unique to others.

    1. Devils at the Gate: Pacific War

    A war defense game on ipad, it looks nice on my ipad, and personally i love some games about World War 2. so you can try the second. Look at my screenshots here!

    iTunes Link

    2. StarBunker: Guardians2

    If you love to play Starcraft or World of Warcraft, you should love this game, because it's designed with the same of Starcraft. Thatís why this game named Starbunker:guardians

    iTunes Link


    3. Starbunker: Guardians

    iTunes Link

    4. Running Rabbit

    This game is said to be the most cartoon-style TD game so far, you only need to spend 20 minutes each day on this game.
    iTunes Link

    5. War Grimoire HD

    This game will bring you to a world of magic, mystery, and unlimited adventure, waves of monsters are marching into your territory and you need to stop them ... for more? you can play with yourself.
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    2013-02-01 08:49 AM