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    Hello all,

    I hope I'm posting in the right forum, or sub-forum, as it were. I also apologize for an over-abundance of information, but I figured it would save a lot of future questions for anyone who may be able to help me (I included overview notes at the bottom, to save time if someone has a fast answer and doesn't need all the details). I was recently the victim of a robbery in which many of my electronics, including my iPods, were unfortunately stolen from me (one classic, one touch). I decided that this was the kick in the rear I needed to finally upgrade to an iPad. I purchased the iPad 2, and am currently running version 6.1.2, and have successfully completed the evasi0n jailbreak.

    I have an unrooted HTC Rezound through Verizon, running version 4.0.3. I have utilized tethering app PDAnet for a fair period of time now, to share the 4G from my Rezound to my home PC (Windows Vista). While tethering with USB, I have not encountered a problem. As some of you may know, PDAnet has joined with the people at the FoxFi app. Upon checking out FoxFi, I saw that I could utilize a Wi-Fi Hotspot mode, or a Bluetooth DUN mode. I was excited, as this meant that I would also be able to utilize the 4G for my newly purchased iPad 2. Unfortunately, the Wi-Fi Hotspot feature does not generally get along well with HTC phones. So, I attempted to utilize the Bluetooth DUN mode. As my luck would have it, I read that the iPad 2 does not generally get along well with Bluetooth DUN mode.

    Because the FoxFi/PDAnet app said HTC was not allowing their Wi-Fi Hotspot mode, it instead suggested jailbreaking my iPad and installing iBluever from the Cydia store, to utilize my phone's internet capabilities via the Bluetooth DUN mode. I've installed the iBluever demo to test connectivity, and I'm at a standstill. I enable the Bluetooth DUN mode on my Rezound, and then start up the iBluever demo on the iPad 2. Upon searching for a device, I see the Rezound pop up, and I select it. The bluetooth icon appears in the status bar of the iPad 2. I then look to move forward to "Guide", but it simply brings up the broken link to the guide in Safari, stating that the web page cannot load because the iPad 2 is not connected to the internet.

    It should be noted that before I press "Guide", there are a series of fields that I do not know how to complete, and assume that this may be where the problem lies. Under the heading "Dial-up Configurations", I am shown the following 6 lines, and their chosen counterparts, listed below:

    Access Point -> Access Point
    Dial Number -> PPP Dial Number
    Account -> Username
    Password -> Password
    Chat Script -> Default
    RFCOMM Port -> Automatic

    Below these fields, it states that the Dial Number should be filled in, at least. Has anyone experienced this headache, or could they offer me any advice? It appears as though there is at least one other individual on another forum who was experiencing my problem as well, but his issue seemed to have remained unsolved. I also JUST downloaded a PDAnet update for both my PC and my Rezound, which eliminated my old "PDAnet" and "PDAnet 3.50" apps, leaving me with a fully-functional "PDAnet+" app that appears to have combined functionality of PDAnet and FoxFi into one screen, as the WiFi Hotspot Mode and Bluetooth DUN mode used to redirect me to my FoxFi app. I was hoping today's update would have helped me, but I am still stuck. If anyone was kind enough to read my lengthy post, I sincerely thank you for your time. If anyone can offer any help, I would appreciate it greatly.

    Best regards

    - I cannot use FoxFi's Bluetooth DUN mode as instructed, to utilize my phone's (unrooted HTC Rezound through Verizon, running 4.0.3) 4G connection on my jailbroken iPad 2 (running 6.1.2) with the iBluever demo. The iPad recognizes the phone upon initial search in iBluever, but cannot establish an internet connection moving forward. This may be due to me not fully understanding what needs to be done with the 6 fields indicated 2 paragraphs above. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
    2013-02-25 09:49 PM