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    Draw Rider / Draw Rider Plus [Universal]-dr-.png
    Draw Rider: Download from App Store
    Draw Rider Plus: Download from App Store $1.99

    You need to get to the end of the road, not crashing. The game is made in black and white style, and has realistic physics. You will find a wide variety of trails, and using the level editor you can create a track of your dreams and share them with other players.

    - Fun ragdoll physics
    - Destructible bike
    - Four vehicles
    - Customizable controls
    - Character customization
    - Mode Challenge
    - Slow motion mode
    - More than 85 exciting tracks
    - Level editor
    - The ability to share your creations with your friends!
    - Inversion colors mode
    - Online mode

    Draw Rider limitations:
    - Only 37 tracks instead of 89
    - There is only one bike
    - No сharacter customization
    - No Challenge mode
    - No Inversion colors mode
    - No Slow motion mode
    - Ad supported
    - In the editor available not all tools

    Draw Rider / Draw Rider Plus [Universal]-1.pngDraw Rider / Draw Rider Plus [Universal]-2.png
    Draw Rider / Draw Rider Plus [Universal]-3.pngDraw Rider / Draw Rider Plus [Universal]-4.png

    2013-04-08 11:30 AM
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    - Added a new camera
    - Added the ability to watch a replay
    - Other minor changes
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    2013-09-01 01:15 PM
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    Draw Rider 4.8 available in App Store!

    - Added comments to the levels
    - Vehicle replaced on ATV
    - Improved blood
    - Added button to quickly select a vehicle
    - Fixed bugs
    - Other minor changes
    2014-01-16 11:07 AM
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    Draw Rider 5.0 available in App Store!
    - Added a new vehicle hoverboard!
    - In the editor, you can create your own objects and add them to your level
    - Many changes in the editor
    - Other minor changes
    Attached Thumbnails Draw Rider / Draw Rider Plus [Universal]-2014-04-06-21.46.24.png  
    2014-04-10 11:42 AM