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  1. abdoo0010's Avatar
    First off, there is no core "Model Definition" file on iOS 7 (K95AP.plist or something in that nature). I found that out when I re-jailbroke two days ago. I hope to know how I can get Passbook on my iPad now!
    why We don't Replace the core "Model Definition" files with an iphone's core one !
    2014-02-19 03:16 PM
  2. TiOeM's Avatar
    You only need to paste all the images files to get it to "work" (it actually does NOT work as far as getting your ipad to place a call), meaning you can get add a dial pad and voicemail section on the Facetime UI... is it possible to just make a winterboard theme to do the same thing? That way, the people who's trying this out won't corrupt their facetime app.
    2014-02-27 03:04 AM
  3. jozka.1's Avatar

    is possible send and receive SMS on newest iPad Air with iOS?

    2014-05-09 01:27 PM
  4. BenjaminE152's Avatar
    It has been a long time since this thread was created. Has anyone found a way to get this to work on iPad 2 or above?

    It IS possible Jozka.1 yes but no has found out how to yet. When someone finds a way then hopefully they will let us all know.
    2014-05-12 07:31 PM
  5. BenjaminE152's Avatar
    You might not think I am telling the truth but I have seriously managed to get this work on my iPad Mini GSM running iOS 6.1.3.
    I bought an iPad running iOS 6 and after jailbreaking it, copied the files over making sure to keep a back up just in case. My FaceTime app changed to Phone and my icon changed to the green phone icon too. Phone also now appears under settings and shows my number. I managed to call my voicemail and listen to my messages. I was also able to call my home landline and talk to myself. When I turn mobile data off the name of my network remains in the top right corner and I can still make calls. In addition, I asked Siri to call a number and it actually said "Calling Home..." whilst before it said "I can't make calls on this device..but I can make a FaceTime call"

    I also added SMS to my .plist and managed to type a number without being warned the number was not registered with iMessage however I have not managed to send a text message yet. Could someone with an iPhone running iOS 6 please send me their from their applications folder? I think their must be a framework too but I am not sure.

    If anyone wants screenshots feel free to ask I will send them. I am so pleased I have finally managed to get this working!
    2014-05-31 11:12 PM
  6. Akashayrohida's Avatar
    Sure pls send over here!!
    2014-06-02 04:53 AM
  7. adeelz's Avatar
    hi every one,

    my name is adeel and i am from UAE " Dubai"
    please help me out... i m using IPAD 4. how can i make regular call from my GSM ipad 4. please advise.

    my IPAD 4 is jail break....

    plssssss...plsssssssssssss.plsssssssssssss advise
    2014-09-23 10:41 AM
  8. adeelz's Avatar
    still waiting for reply,,,,, please help me out.... how can i make regular call from IPAD 4 jail break.... latest IOS version 7.1.2... your respose will be very Appreciated
    2014-09-24 03:39 AM
  9. Akashayrohida's Avatar
    @iphoneonipad please help me out as still in doubt for face time better if u upload a youtube video
    2014-09-24 08:36 AM
  10. adeelz's Avatar
    Hi akashary

    do u know how can i use my ipad 4 as phone...version is 7.1.2
    2014-09-24 08:46 AM
  11. adeelz's Avatar
    no body i think willing to reply about my query

    if it is not possbile atleast say yes or no
    2014-09-24 12:18 PM
  12. Akashayrohida's Avatar
    Still workin but too slow n busy
    2014-09-27 06:46 PM
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