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    Hey guys,

    I released my new iPad app today. It is called AlertifyMe Mobile. It is the iPad app for AlertifyMe Log into AlertifyMe (beta)


    During the 2011 earthquake in Japan, people passed on messages and alerts through social networks AlertifyMe Inc. identified that people are in need of social network that is specifically designed to do particular function, which is to alert people.

    Then there was this question to be answered, "With a click of a button, can we send a message containing our location to our friends or family asking for help?

    AlertifyMe network just exactly that. It sends emergency messages to specific users. Not only that, users can interact with each other in a form of alerts. Users can share pictures, messages and their location with this network.

    AlertifyMe Features:
    * Socialzed alerts
    * Location based news
    * Share images and messages
    * Share location
    * Friends
    * Search Alerts
    * Search Locations
    * Keep up to date on recent events


    Link to app - https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/aler...650563696?mt=8

    Link to website - Log into AlertifyMe (beta)
    2013-05-29 11:14 AM