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    BaiBoard is a great multi-content collaboration app on iPad that enables users to collaborate in real-time via shared whiteboard, PDF docs and sharing with web browsers.

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    Live collaboration via:
    1. Zoomable multi-page whiteboard.
    2. Collaborative annotation on PDF docs.
    3. Screen Sharing from iPad to web browser.

    BaiBoard - Collaborative Whiteboard / Collaborate on iPAD / PDF Collaboration

    * Collaborative, with easy-to-use drawing interface.

    * Collaboratively Sign & Annotate Documents in real-time.

    * Import & Share documents from Dropbox, GDocs, Email, iTunes and Evernote.

    * Facebook integration for easy collaboration with friends.

    * Cloud services for collaborating, sharing, storing, viewing with both drawing and chat.

    * A variety of drawing tools and built-in stencils.

    * Instant snapshots, storing and retrieval any stage of your drawing, all on-demand.

    * Push to Talk.

    * Publish and share your ongoing or previous BaiBoard sessions via Email, Facebook, Twitter, Evernote and Tumblr.

    * View Canvas and PDF from any computer or device on same network using web browser.

    * All data (diagrams, chat history, voice, snapshots) of meeting session are persistently stored. Your meetings can be stopped and restarted at any time.

    * SSL connectivities, Password protected, Encrypted storage.

    * No registration, No sign-up required.

    * Collaborate with the BaiBoard Mac version.

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    2013-06-10 03:22 PM