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    • Easily customize any photo with text & fun, professionally designed illustrations.
    • Instantly share your Pixies on Facebook, Twitter or E-Mail
    • Add text and colorize text over any photo
    • Over 50+different font choices
    • Add or remove shadow effects to the text to make
    • Over 400 pixies to choose from!
    • Rotate, resize and change the opacity of the text and Pixies
    • Buy a category of Pixies like Funny, Music, Glasses to remove the watermark on your photo
    • Print any Pixies you make onto a mousepad, coffee mug, t-shirt or virtually anything
    • Email you Pixies to be posted on our website, on and our other social media feeds like Instagram
    • Save the final Pixies you design to you camera roll
    • Use our layer feature to re-order the position of the Pixies (put them in front or the back behind each other)
    • Have fun and smile, you're using Pixies
    • iTunes URL:
    • Watch the Pixies Video!:

    after-dorothy.jpgPixies - Fun with Photos! (free)-pixies-day-.pngjony-after.jpg
    2013-06-11 03:22 PM
  2. zack.robinson2013's Avatar
    nice app will check it out
    2013-10-04 02:42 PM