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    Hello all,

    Adventure and Puzzle iPad games like Crazy Caves HD, Beetle Battle and Brain Train Pro developed by iLife Mobitech are the latest entry to Appstore. Games details and link updated as given below, limited period offer just download them for free now.

    1] Crazy Caves HD

    Take on the role of the caveman to eliminate the evil forces. It is up to you to defeat the evil minds and save the jungle from their menace. Make way through 30 levels of mayhem and carnage, plan your attack as killing the junglees is not an easy task.

    Game Download Link - Crazy Caves HD

    2] Beetle Battle

    Beetle Battle is full of challenges, surprise and excitement. The game objective is to build bridge using wooden blocks, pass across the enemy beetles and reach for the food. It may sound a little tricky and confusing but give it a go, you will soon get a hang of it.

    Game Download Link - Beetle Battle

    3] Brain Train Pro

    Brain Train Pro for iPad will fine tune your logical thinking and improve your mathematical skills. This game is designed to provide challenges involving mathematical thinking and reasoning. Its not just educative but also a good entertainer for all ages.

    Game Download Link - Brain Train Pro
    2013-07-08 10:50 AM