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    Dog dress up - Free Pet Day Care Game for kids is a new game for kids, a pet game that has four beautiful puppy dogs waiting for their dog story to start. Kids from around the world, you better start playing this dressing up game if you want to make your dog the prettiest and coolest doggy and win the trophy in this pet contest and dog daycare!

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    All the four dogs are cute and fluffy and dog sitter, wagging their tails and trying to persuade you to pick them by talking to you. Each puppy has its own game. Beagle game is that hes cute and no one can resist him, not even the judges in the pet competition. Bulldog game is that hes the strongest guy and a real macho who will be the best in this animal game for kids. The lady in the show is Miss Poodle, and she will use all of her seducing charm to be the best in this cool dress up game.

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    2013-07-25 09:54 AM