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    Isn`t it a good time to cool down this hot summer? Get the App Store and Google Play hit Ski Park and enjoy some fresh winter breeze!

    The game is the first one to combine two genres: a city builder and hidden objects. Build the most popular and extraordinary ski resort in the world! Create beautiful buildings and turn the natural wonders into a real mountain paradise. Detect all mysterious visitors hidden in the city, to and get rewarded!

    Ski Park
    Ski Park HD
    Ski Park Android

    - Great mixture of hidden objects and city builder genres.
    - Impressive structures in the mountains’ surroundings, from the Taj Mahal to the Empire State Building.
    - Quick and interesting tasks help you get a feel for the game.
    - A loyal helper will always give you hints about what to do next.
    - All buildings can be upgraded.
    - There is always something interesting going on at the resort and you will regularly receive new tasks.
    - You can hold events in any commercial building to bring profit.

    Have you played Ski Park? What were your favorite features and what would you change?
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    In case you have not become addicted with the app now, check its official video

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