1. Pete28cy's Avatar
    hello...i need help with my ipad..i was tacing some screenshots of google maps and after 2-3 screenshots taken my ipad stoped taking any or pictures...i have done this many times and never had any proplem...does anyone know what caused this...can this be a hardware issue??
    i have restarted ipad but nothing happened...
    pls help
    2013-09-12 05:46 PM
  2. offroad1994's Avatar
    No room left on hard drive. Use some CLEANER software on cydia to try fixing.
    2013-09-12 06:03 PM
  3. Pete28cy's Avatar
    nope..i dont think thats the problem .
    i have 4gb free
    2013-09-15 12:48 AM
  4. Pete28cy's Avatar
    that was hard to fix....i am glad that i found the solution for my problem...
    i have tried for a week different stuff and finally found the right solution.
    for jailbroken iphone or ipad use ifile and go to var/mobile/media and delete DCIM folder , reboot and the folder will be recreated and BINGO , its fixed
    2013-09-18 12:50 PM