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    Challenge your movie knowledge by playing the one of a kind MOVIE QUIZ GAME 3D! Get this unique trivia quiz with questions and answers, compete against other players and prove you're a real movie maniac by playing this addicting multiple choice quiz game for free! Movie trivia questions have never been more entertaining download this free quiz app and see for yourself!

    Movie Quiz Game 3D: http://bit.ly/Movie_Quiz_Game_3D

    Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Move-...96750703840879


    - Choose from 4 offered answers: A, B, C or D!
    - Each time you answer a question you spend 1 energy point!
    - You get one energy point each 2 minutes!
    - Answer the question correctly to travel around the world!
    - You have 4 attempts to give the correct answer; choose the correct answer on the first try to travel the longer distance!
    - Use help to pass the longer distance than your opponents: double the length of the distance you can pass or remove one wrong answer!
    2013-10-01 11:38 AM