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    Are you traveling master, sales representative, advertising agent or a freelancer? Then our program is the best solution for putting in order your base of services and clients. All information you need for work will always be near at hand, you won't need any more to remember cost of all numerous types of services you provide, and also there is a contact information of clients.

    What you get by using the program "My Price-List":

    Order in your clients base and price list
    Reduction of time for order calculation
    "My Price-List" is equipped with unique feature of creation of the categorized price-list of all available services with their detailed description, addition of clients with all their contacts and addresses, instant creation of order on the basis of the services chosen in the price list.

    Make your choice today, install «My Price-List» right now, and you will instantly feel all its advantages!

    Website : My Price-List for iPad

    Appstore :

    App for business "My Price-List" free!-2012-11-09-12.07.58.pngApp for business "My Price-List" free!-2012-11-09-03.41.53.pngApp for business "My Price-List" free!-pricelist_clientedit_en_240x175.pngApp for business "My Price-List" free!-pricelist_orderedit_en_240x175.pngApp for business "My Price-List" free!-pricelist_pricelist_en_240x175.pngApp for business "My Price-List" free!-pricelist_orderexport_en_1024x748.pngApp for business "My Price-List" free!-pricelist_orderview_en_1024x748.pngApp for business "My Price-List" free!-pricelist_pricelist_en_1024x748.png
    2013-10-24 08:17 PM
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    Apps for businesses have started to find their foothold in the market. I also came across an app for businesses called Email for Business. I like the designs of email templates. Such apps can really come in handy for professionals who have a lot of emailing to do.
    2013-10-31 06:42 AM