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    Would love to know if there is any info about being able to save to a USB drive or watch a video or view files on an attached USB dongle though some type of adapter. I've searched and read all over but have yet to discover if it's possible. Thanks for any info or a link to info.
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    2012-03-11 11:15 AM
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    first of all, you gonna need a jailbreak. but thats why you're on mod mmi
    second of all you're gonna need a camera connection kit (fairly expensive for what you get, but doable)
    instead of usb drives you're gonna want to have a 16gb sd, because the usb connection kit fails
    than you want to download the godly XBMC app trough cydia(need to add a source). with xbmc you can browse through all your ipad's lcations, and when you plugin the connection kit xbmc can come there and you can add it as a source for your movies so that everytime you plugin your sd card its easely accable.

    hopefully that cleared it all up for you.
    its nice if you're going on a long vacations and want to take your shows with you.

    XBMC furthermore plays mkv's buttersmooth so no converting for you
    2012-03-13 09:39 PM
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    Thanks a lot brother. I grabbed the connection kit tonight. What source are you replying to? I already have ifile if that's the same type of file browser.

    Nevermind. Grabbed that app and realize its a lot more than ifile. Thanks for the info. You mentioned a 16 gb sd card before , can I not go larger? Or will it only recognize something up to that size?
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    2012-03-15 07:33 AM
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    16 gig was just what i use, but with some googling you can probs find the exact size it goes up to.
    and helping out is always good, one more XBMC user is always good
    2012-03-16 08:43 PM