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  1. BzowK's Avatar
    Hello All -

    I've got an iPad 2 Wifi 32gb.

    A couple of days ago, I dropped it and the front glass shattered. Fortunatly, the LCD and touch still worked and seemed untouched.

    I ordered a new screen from and received it today. I used a hair dryer and tiny piece by piece removed the glass from the unit.

    Before I lifted the LCD out (with a lof of the glass still on it, I hit the power button and thfe device showed the lockscreen - LCD still seeminlgly undamamaged.

    I removed the 4 screws, then LCD panel gently, then also gently removed the LCD cable and touch cove3r ribbon cable. Then, I attached the new ribbon cable (already attched to the new front screen) and then the LCD again. I also put 3 of the 4 screws back in. (Lost one of them )

    I have not completely put it back together as I am waiting on the adhesive that eTechParts forgot to send. I hit the power button, but nothing happened!

    I verified the cables were back in securely, but still nogo. Does the iPad have to be completely assembled for it to power on? Other than the screen and the missing screw for the LCD, the only other thing not touching is the home button assembly to the mainboard as it's attached to the glass. I tried holding it on there and think I got it touching, but still nogo.

    Any suggestions? Thanks!
    2012-03-14 08:56 PM
  2. i.Annie's Avatar
    It does not have to be completely put back together to turn on and function, but it probably is best to do so. If you didn't break anything along the replacement process, there likely isn't anything wrong with it. Just wait to get the adhesive and see what happens after you put it all back together.
    2012-03-14 08:59 PM
  3. Cowboy's Avatar
    I disagree with annie ( Sorry) I'd recommend plugging it into a power source and see if it triggers on you don't want to set the adhesive to find out you need to reopen it. There shouldn't be anything wrong with it tho. But this is a good time to test the new front glass/ digitizer to make sure its working properly as well. If you get it to power on then hold the power button again and slide to power off....
    If the device doesn't power on or the lock/ power button isn't working then you most likely damaged the cable and it to will have to be replaced.
    2012-03-21 07:39 AM
  4. i.Annie's Avatar
    Lol you know best Cowboy.
    2012-03-21 03:16 PM
  5. Cowboy's Avatar
    Luv ya Annie.
    2012-03-21 04:47 PM
  6. Michelebabe1234's Avatar
    NEVER pay to have your iPhone unlocked or jailbroken, It's a complete rip off.
    2012-03-26 02:16 AM