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  1. Lbomb's Avatar
    Yesterday was an upgrade day for my apple products to the newest iOS 5.1. Which included my boyfriend's iPad 2.. I updated it, it erased everything as it said it would, but I couldn't get the apps to sync up.. As simple as itunes is, this syncing app crap is annoying and never seems to work. My bf said its fine and he will re-install the games and apps he had before. So, I re-jailbroke it again using the new Absinthe. Installed **********, etc etc. and gave it back to him.. He went to download his old apps from the app store and we noticed it said "install" instead of "download" for the apps he used to have on the device. They wouldnt download, it just said "waiting", forever and ever. .I decided just to do a factory reset on it from the device, just have a fresh start. Went to general settings and hit reset from there. Its been on the wheel for hours, almost 12 hours now.. Obviously I F'ed up.. Im reading things about how I shouldnt have done that, and I will have to manually need to do the DFU thing. I thought I should post my problem in here before I do something else stupid. Any help would be appreciated
    2012-06-12 03:39 PM
  2. Mariusm1's Avatar
    I'm not a guru, but I think you need to go into DFU and restore through iTunes

    A jailbroken iDevice don't like the "reset" buttons inside iOS.. :S
    2012-07-05 08:46 PM