1. jacoscar's Avatar
    Hello, I'm about to replace a digitizer to an iPad 2; it's originally black and I was wondering if I can simply put a white digitizer instead
    I assume I'll also have to change the thin bezel with a white one, is it an easy task? (apart from removing the old digitizer)

    I don't wanna open it and discover that changing the bezel would require a complete disassembly...
    2012-11-29 02:27 AM
  2. briangriffin's Avatar
    OMG I just asked precisely the same question and minutes later I read your post! D'Oh! If I hear back I'll post the response here for you.

    2012-12-12 06:27 PM
  3. iRevival's Avatar
    Haha just posted over in your briangriffin. Yes you can. Here's what I said:

    Yes it'll work fine. You can also get them in green, yellow, pink, red and baby blue. Obviously not OEM but they look really cool afterwards. If you're going to order the black screen to convert it from white you'll also need to order a black home button and a black bezel. That'd be everything you need to visually convert it from white to black.
    Obviously you would just be the reverse. Buy the white parts instead of the black ones.
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    2013-01-07 09:01 AM
  4. briangriffin's Avatar
    LOL! Many thanks for all the information - I'll get a black front / button et. ordered up.


    2013-01-07 12:21 PM