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    Hello all!

    This has been bothering me for quite sometime..(6 months ago this problem occurred, I used to be able to get it to be detected by my computer)

    So this is what's "happening":

    When I plug my iPad into my laptop, it will not be recognized/detected, no charging sign, not appearing on iTunes
    But when I plug in my iPhone, it can be detected, sync and stuff
    Tried changing cables and tried plugging in different computers and still no luck

    - Do you think the jailbreak/Cydia tweak is causing the problem and going to DFU mode will "solve" the problem(iTunes will detect it if I'm in DFU mode and I can restore)?
    - Can I put it in DFU mode/Recovery mode to see if it's the jailbreak that's causing the problem?
    - If I enter Recovery mode, will I have an endless loop(unable to boot up and stuck in Recovery mode until I can restore)?

    P.S: My Apple Care expires in September so worse come to worse I will have to get stuck in Recovery and go to the store and try to get it replaced(if it's a cable/software problem)

    Thanks in advance!
    (sorry idk where to post)
    2013-02-10 10:25 AM