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  1. swifty7's Avatar
    Hi everyone!!!

    My jailbroken (6.1.2) Ipad mini just died recently and I don't know if the problem is the battery or hardware, it just won't turn on no matter how much I charge it....dead as a door nail. I'm well within Apple's warranty but I'm sure they won't honor it due to jailbreak. What do you guys recommend I should do? I just recently bought tools to open it....should I go ahead and replace the battery myself? then again I don't know if the battery is the problem....could be hardware.

    any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    2013-05-11 06:35 PM
  2. DC_Dave's Avatar
    Hi, I wouldn't open it, that is only something you might consider if Apple say its not covered under the guarantee. Jailbreaking won't damage the hardware as its a software alteration. You need to try another charger and USB lead first. If you can't get the Apple logo to appear after pressing the home and power buttons together or the iTunes logo and USB lead to appear while pressing the home button while you plug in the charger, then next check the dock connector for fluff/dirt/corrosion. Failing that, get Apple to change it. I presume iTunes doesn't see it either.
    2013-05-11 10:44 PM
  3. swifty7's Avatar
    I can't make the apple logo to appear no matter what and when I plug it to my computer, it gives an usb error recognition. I'm kind of nervous to give it to Apple since jailbreaking ipads is a these days apposed to jailbreaking iphones. I'm not sure what to do. If I only knew for sure the battery was the problem, I could've easily change it myself.
    2013-05-12 01:12 AM
  4. DC_Dave's Avatar
    Hi, take it to Apple and just say it doesn't come on. I have taken stuff back and if the home button/power button reboot trick doesn't work, they next try to restore to new. So that will wipe your jailbreak anyway. If they can't get it back on, then they won't be able to tell if its jailbroken and they will replace it. If they do bring it back on, then problem solved.
    2013-05-12 10:42 AM
  5. mostsb's Avatar
    If you haven't charged it for a while, it is possible the internal battery is too drained to be charged via the connector, if this is the case, and you can't take it back to Apple, it is possible to manually charge the battery, however it can be dangerous and you'd have to open up your device.
    2014-11-07 11:02 AM