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  1. Moneymikey's Avatar
    My sister lives on the floor below me and we are trying to share Internet to save money. Is there an option out there to plug into my iPad 2 to get better wifi service from her. Only getting 1-2 bars at the most???
    2013-10-09 04:13 AM
  2. Scoops98's Avatar
    There are numerous wifi extenders that boost a wifi signal. You could also use a powerline adapter and install another wifi router upstairs.
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    2013-10-09 05:57 AM
  3. Tekki's Avatar
    Don't use an extender it drops wireless speeds, what you want to do is run a wire from your sisters to your area and then add a wireless access point to get full speeds. You can use numerous types of access points one that I like to use is pakedge but they are very costly. Another thing you can do is get an airport express and configure it as a wap and you will have full internet speeds.
    2013-11-15 12:34 PM
  4. chrysanthy's Avatar
    Don't know the internet situation at your place. but my Ipad 2 can receive WIFI signal within a distance of a floor.
    2014-01-08 06:12 AM
  5. Networkbuild's Avatar
    A power line adaptor won't work unless your on the same electrical ring main as the other person..
    2014-03-29 08:16 PM