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    Hi, I hope someone can help.
    I've just got myself an iPad air 2 64gb, the main reason I got it is because my girlfriend is at uni and using Skype or FaceTime on my iPhone isn't great as the screen is too small.

    When on a Skype call my iPad makes a constant wind noise, as though there is a draft coming from the speakers, it's so strange! There is then also an occasional beeping noise (it sounds like a spaceship).
    Putting this down to Skype connection issues we tried FaceTime. The wind noise isn't as loud nut whenever I move my iPad my girlfriend is hit with a loud metal on metal noise which echoes.

    I have recorded the noises whilst on a Skype call and can email the video to anyone if it would help find a solution.

    Has anyone else come across these sorts of issues?!
    2014-11-21 10:10 AM