1. stroodle's Avatar
    Is there anyway to add themes and icons to the ipad whilst winterboard isnt working? I wanted to try and get glassklart put on it. Or is there an estimate for when the update is released for winterboard?

    2010-10-10 07:12 PM
  2. psilocybin's Avatar
    Statusnotifier doesn't work
    2010-10-10 08:08 PM
  3. stroodle's Avatar
    Has anybody got mewseek pro running on their iPad? I have an account and will try it, but can it seriously muck up my device if it hasn't been updated?
    2010-10-14 12:11 PM
  4. Calgarystevens's Avatar
    I can vouch so far for CategoriesSB and Locktopus, thanks to all the Cydia developers! Your apps/ tweaks are worth every penny!
    2010-10-15 07:45 PM
  5. stroodle's Avatar
    Winterboard is working for me.

    I dont know if I am a little late on the uptake or what....but I just downloaded winterboard on my ipad 3.2.2 and it works. I downloaded Glassklart HD, a HD underwater theme with sounds etc and enabled voice control on the ipad via winterboard and everything is smooth, no issues at all.

    2010-10-17 11:04 PM
  6. psilocybin's Avatar
    Winterboard has some problems with some themes I found. Others work fine
    2010-10-20 01:33 AM
  7. 10-2Graphics's Avatar
    Just installed infiniboard. It works great! Backgrounder and infiniboard are two functions that the iPad should have come with from the beginning. It is ridiculous that Apple makes us jailbreak in order to do things which should have already been there.
    2010-10-29 09:17 PM
  8. unseenmagik's Avatar
    infiniboard & aptbackup works fine
    2010-11-11 12:11 PM
  9. jg14carter's Avatar
    I just upgraded to 4.2.1 and jb'd with redsn0w. I love Lockdown Pro so much I've tried it time and time again with my last spirit jb and all I got was safe mode everytime. I tried it last night after i jb'd with redsn0w and it works finally!! However, I see it's still not updated for ipad yet???? All I know it's working for me.
    2010-12-12 12:39 AM
  10. ugshotgun's Avatar
    I CANNOT ACCESS THE COMPATIBLE APP DOC LIST!!! SAYS I DO NOT HAVE PERMISSION!!! Sorry for yelling, would surely like to see that list! Thanks!

    PS: Also would like to say that though I would prefer Lockdown Pro, Locktopus seems to be working just find for iPad until Lockdown Pro becomes compatible for iPad.
    Last edited by ugshotgun; 2010-12-19 at 03:44 AM.
    Note 4 and iPhone 6 Plus: The best of both worlds!
    2010-12-19 03:41 AM
  11. D_LA_ROC's Avatar
    just noticed a "dashboard" for ipad app from modmyi but it wont install says it need gsc.wildcat anyone have any luck with it?
    There's a thread in the iPad/themes section that tells you how to add the gsc.wildcat to 4.2.1
    2011-01-12 01:10 AM
  12. AKCHRIS's Avatar
    I see no Point in Jailbreaking if Most of the Popular Apps Do not work yet.I jail broke my iphone with redsn0w rc8 and I'm STILL waiting for the Final Version too fully Complete Jail Break.
    It is Not by our Hands that things Change, BUT rather our Interventions that change ourselves.

    Chris iPhone6 16GB(Jailbroken
    iPad Mini 16GB, Apple TV 3rd Gen
    Mac Mini (2012 Model) Running Yosemite
    Cydia Account #895872
    2011-01-18 03:32 AM
  13. iPancake's Avatar
    LockScreen clock hide works for me.
    iLike iDevices and Pancakes.
    2011-01-21 02:14 PM
  14. ssemmel's Avatar
    Lockinfo works for me!

    Elert works for me. No issues.

    the bitgboss beta repo must be private I added it but there are no apps that I can see. Has anyone else added it? I am looking for the sbsettings 3.0.9-2...
    Last edited by ssemmel; 2011-07-07 at 04:54 PM.
    2011-07-07 04:22 PM
  15. mj0470's Avatar
    Not sure which is the culprit, but using textfreek and bitesms, seemed to work until I went to reply to a text. My new ipad 2 rebooted and became stuck in a never ending loop of rebooting. I'm in the process of restoring it now....
    2011-07-07 05:38 PM
  16. Mindcloud's Avatar
    I've only installed Winterboard and sbsettings and they both seem to work ok on my ipad2
    2011-07-08 12:22 AM
  17. ssemmel's Avatar
    Wierd - I jailbroke and then after a day of it working fine I coAculdn't get into any apps. My springboard was all jumbled up. I have installed the following:


    Anyone else have any issues?
    2011-07-08 12:32 AM
  18. FeaRThiS's Avatar
    If anyone is intrested head over to TeCH-Guruz and I have put up a guide on how to get the missing iphone apps onto the ipad Calculator, Clock, Stocks, and Weather. I know the site doesnt look too good at the minute but it was all thrown together in a bit of a rush and it should be update in the next 2 weeks with more guides with pics ect and proper hosting for the files.
    2011-07-08 05:32 AM
  19. rain111's Avatar
    i have found *celeste* a major problem on my ipad2, so i wouldn't recommand installing it, also PkgBackup seems to crash everytime you do a backup *maybe because i am using dropbox to backup?... and this only started after the 1st backup (dropbox backup)*
    Last edited by rain111; 2011-07-09 at 02:27 PM.
    2011-07-09 02:22 PM
  20. ssemmel's Avatar
    i have found *celeste* a major problem on my ipad2, so i wouldn't recommand installing it, also PkgBackup seems to crash everytime you do a backup *maybe because i am using dropbox to backup?... and this only started after the 1st backup (dropbox backup)*
    I have pkgbackup with dropbox and works fine. I have not installed a lot of apps yet ough. Very cautious as I have had to restore 3 times. I contacted the developer of pkgbackup and he said it was compatble. What is Celeste?
    2011-07-09 02:29 PM
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