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  1. dansfloyd's Avatar
    Intelliscreen and elert do not work...
    2010-05-06 03:26 AM
  2. supermanx's Avatar
    Ununstalled Categories and the folders remained with no way to extract the icons to springboard...tried re-installing categories but never go icon to change folder options, uninstalled and still stuck....restoring ipad now
    The getting started guide from catagories warns you to remove all apps from folders and remove all folders for this very reason. Also after reinstalling you should have been able to restore the icons by using the Hide Icons tool in categories, and turned the icons back on.
    2010-05-06 05:30 PM
  3. 3goldens's Avatar
    Every time I turn to landscape mode infinidock gets stuck and will not scroll is anyone else having this issue??

    Yes I have this problem also, I have to respring. I found that keeping the icons to 6 usually stops it. maybe because ipad default is 6 and we just need a work around for it.
    2010-05-06 06:25 PM
  4. guidob's Avatar

    Guido here, maintainer of TVOut2. I'd quite like to get it going on the iPad and think I know whats stopping it working. I'll take a look at this tomorrow but could somebody do me a favour? Could you press the "debug" button in the TVOutTuner app on an iPad, let it run for a while and send me the file "/tmp/tvout2.log" from the device. It'll give me something to go on. If you get a chance copy a jpeg image to the path: /var/mobile/Library/TVOut/wallpaper.jpg on the iPad. If it shows as background on the TV it means that display is working, it's just missing the copy from screen to TV.

    ** STOP PRESS ** New version which may support iPad now posted here:



    guidobellagamba _at_
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    2010-05-06 07:14 PM
  5. davetgra's Avatar
    Does anyone know if someone has started an ipad specific repo yet? Seems to me that we could just make a repo with ipad functionality verified applications that any ipad owner could add to cydia...
    2010-05-06 08:10 PM
  6. z3r01's Avatar
    wont you need specific ipad apps for a specific ipad repo
    2010-05-06 08:13 PM
  7. davetgra's Avatar
    fair enough.. How about an 'ipad compatible' repo?
    2010-05-06 08:19 PM
  8. moorean32's Avatar
    Any themes on it yet?
    2010-05-07 05:48 AM
  9. ttierno2's Avatar

    I'll update the list as you guys post, please try not to double post an app unless you have a different result
    I posted several posts above that LockDown is InOp. You going to add this to the list, or are you waiting for confirmation from another?
    2010-05-07 08:02 AM
  10. jazup's Avatar
    I'd like to chime in that I've gotten iMobileCinema installed, and for the most part it works great. The UI is a little off - the controls only display if you tap an iPhone sized area in the top left of the screen, and they're sized for the iPhone (480x320). The controls all do what they're supposed to though, and the video plays back fullscreen with really good quality. I've gotten several sites to work so far (Megavideo, Tudou,, The only thing that sucks is that the repo is almost always down. Still, if you can get a hold of it, it's pretty cool to be able to watch flash videos, though many sites are unsupported.

    Since I had trouble accessing the repo after I snagged it, and since I've read a bunch of posts indicating that others have had the same problem, I've attached a zip file containing the plugin and a quick installation instruction file. I hope there's not a problem with that, since the dev distributes it for free. I make no guarantees, but it should work if you drop the iMobileCinema.webplugin bundle into your device's "/System/Library/Internet Plugins" directory and respring.
    how get it to work? when i play a megavideo video, i got blackscreen but sound
    2010-05-07 09:16 AM
  11. peteo's Avatar
    Memtool works. Lets you see all process running plus how much ram they are taking, you can kill hem too.
    2010-05-07 02:07 PM
  12. gonzo1082's Avatar
    Was winterboard just updated to be ipad compatible? i believe i saw an update in cydia
    2010-05-07 04:31 PM
  13. takeiteasym3's Avatar
    yes. also do not use scrolling snap, it will make you but in safe mode with only a restore to fix.
    2010-05-07 04:45 PM
  14. santaf's Avatar
    Yes really? Thanks for letting us know now I gotta go download winterboard and see how much themes Cary over
    2010-05-07 04:53 PM
  15. Poseidon79's Avatar
    Bosspaper works just fine... it just doesn't rotate your images when you turn to landscape.
    2010-05-07 05:06 PM
  16. gonzo1082's Avatar

    This is what i see on winterboard update log.
    2010-05-07 05:11 PM
  17. hogsbro's Avatar
    Does anyone know if iKeyEx wroks on the iPad? It could be a great way to add a Swedish keybard.
    2010-05-07 05:47 PM
  18. Poseidon79's Avatar
    Instead of asking why don't you try and report back.
    2010-05-07 05:48 PM
  19. MooShoo's Avatar
    DO NOT USE WINTERBOARD!!!! Once I installed and rebooted, the icons went everywhere and when I tried to move them, they would go in various direction. Ie. I would try and move an icon to the left and it would go up. I would move it up and it would go right. Real weird. Removed and respring. All good again.
    2010-05-07 06:27 PM
  20. Poseidon79's Avatar
    That's only when you try and move icons in landscape mode... just use portrait mode when moving things around and it's fine... no need to freak out, lol.
    2010-05-07 06:38 PM
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