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    so apple has their devices rigged to only install apps through the app store. that doesn't mean its illegal to install apps through other methods, it just means you can't unless you modify the software (also legal on your property)

    software that requires jailbreaking can be perfectly legal! maybe the dev didnt wanna go thru apple, or required some permissions the stock software would not allow. that doesnt make it illegal.

    the problem comes when people take apps that are available thru the appstore for a fee, and modify/install them without paying. jailbreaking =OK, installing apps that you would otherwise have to pay for=not OK
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    Its better to give an analogy:

    Iphone : original OS = Car : manufacturer specified parts only

    Iphone : OS Jailbreak w/ unsigned code = Car : parts that are not specified by the manufacturer (which can void your warranty)

    Iphone : OS Jailbreak w/ cracked apps = Car : All of the above that are stolen (e.g. you modify your car's stereo, engine, suspension, etc. using parts that are either specified or not by the manufacturer but all are stolen)
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    Man...I'm really going to miss him! He really "cracks" me up!!
    Note 4 and iPhone 6 Plus: The best of both worlds!
    2011-04-11 02:33 PM
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    I would like to ask cause its my first time to jailbreak. It work fine in my ipad 2 yesterday by comex, but I accidentally erase cydia. How can I reinstall it again. I try to restore my ipad but it cant. Whats the problem? How can I reinstall cydia again? Please help! You're answer would highly be appreciated. My email add: [email protected]
    2011-07-07 01:11 PM
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    just go to and re-install it.
    2011-08-16 02:44 AM
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    I think what he's trying to say is he doesn't understand the difference between the jailbreak apps in Cydia and the cracked apps that are illegally distributed through certain repositories.
    Jail breaking your iPhone is essentially allowing your phone to accept applications that apple has turned down in their app store, and also opens the iPhone to be modified by Cydia applications. This is now a legalized thing to do. Cracked applications are the same applications found in the apple app store, except they are obtained (through jail breaking, however is STRONGLY discouraged by this community) by adding repositories that illegally alter the applications so that you can obtain them for free. Which is a no no. I hope this helps you. I know what it's like to be kind of lost when you aren't really savvy in tech talk. I started jail breaking with my first generation iPhone and have been ever since. I'm very glad it's legal now! Don't be so hard on the guy everyone, not all of us get the techie talk. Be patient and kind.
    2011-10-23 05:54 AM
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    Then your mistaken on your definition of jail breaking.....jail breaking is just allowing you to run unsigned code...that's all...the ability to run an app without apples permission....a cracked app is just what the name said.....nuff said
    I'm new here and already confused but seems to me that there is a fine line between the two concepts - even the name "Jailbreaking" suggests an illegal action. I came unstuck a while back from using cracked software and will never do it again - I spent 2 hours researching jailbreak before using it. I think it's wrong that any manufacturer of product prevents consumers from using their choice of accessory on it. From my perception Jailbreaking is cracking, but their are millions doing it and a certain "fruity" manufacturer should be paying attention to their attempts to monopolize the world with their product many this is confusing and I hope I can be a contributor here without being trodden on by people
    2012-06-12 03:06 AM
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    Correct it is a fine line. But jailbreaking has been made legal in courts.
    2012-06-12 03:24 AM
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