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    I've added sortable thread prefixes. They show up in front of the post title and are clickable/sortable. Basically when you make a new release thread you can choose "Dreamboard" or "Winterboard" to indicate what type of theme you are releasing.

    The end user can click "Dreamboard" or "Winterboard" on the forumdisplay to show only that type of theme.

    What sucks is that you folks wont be able to change your prefix for your existing threads, so if you want a prefix on your thread you have two options

    1) Post a link to your thread in here and the prefix you would like and hopefully a kind Moderator will edit it for you. I will not personally be checking this thread and adding prefixes.

    2) Create an email with a link to your thread and what prefix you would like and send it to cash7c3 at modmyi dawt com and I'll add your prefix for you as time permits (every couple days). If you email me repeatedly I'll just get annoyed and not add a prefix for you
    2011-04-19 06:43 AM