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  1. ip3's Avatar
    if this new rumor of a osx tablet is true then this iPad is just a kindle and ebook killer with more of a kick with it running iwork and im 95% sure they will make an ilife version for the iPad....
    yes i have 6 laptops and an iPhone 5s Space grey Tmobile, iPhone 5 LimeGreen AT&T, iPhone4S jailbroken unlocked FS, iPad mini 32gb jailbroken, and an iPad 3 Both FS click here, im an outlet whore what can i say...

    ***Update, I got a new MBA4,2 13" FS maxed options, I just ordered the new retina MBP 15" maxed out all features!
    I also run a tech news and tutorials blog.
    2010-02-03 06:54 PM
  2. Fodd1337's Avatar
    I don't think anyone complaining about no OS X on the iPad realizes how difficult it would be to manage OS X on a 9 inch screen with your fingers... Just look up at that close button, imagine it twice, maybe 3 times as small... no imagine having to tap that to close a window... over... and over... and over. Apple's best bet was just to build an enhanced iPhone OS, which they did, and very well IMHO
    2010-02-04 04:02 AM
  3. 6309phone's Avatar
    Lots of negative posts. Just like before the iPhone was released, just like when the iPod was released. I'm writing for it. Lets give it a chance before we dismiss it.
    2010-02-05 08:08 AM
  4. smuggler's Avatar
    what a beautiful piece of technology, that blows netbooks out of the water and isn't even one
    Computers in the future may weigh no more than 1.5 tons.
    - Popular Mechanics, 1949
    2010-02-06 03:31 AM
  5. djjessejames's Avatar
    Weeeak... C'mon magical device. Yeah umm ok.
    2010-02-08 07:09 AM
  6. Rokesomesmeefer's Avatar
    // I hope that they do. That would be awesome. Although they probably would be at least double the price.
    I've said all along that I would be happy to pay $1000+ for a real tablet, not a blown up iPod Touch. As long as it supports a bluetooth keyboard and mouse, all you would have to do is build a cool clam-shell case that it could be placed into that could also store a wireless keyboard and mouse. Voila! You now have a convertible Macbook tablet.
    2010-02-08 07:24 AM
  7. fancynetto's Avatar
    Yesterday, after I googled iPad, I saw a unusual picture from according to the picture, it seems that Apple is making their first game for the iPad. There is an iPad showing the website of the game, and the other iPad is showing the game. It seems that Steve Jobs is going to open his own Game Shop.
    Today, when I tried to look for the same picture again, I couldnít find it. So weird.
    2010-02-08 09:43 AM
  8. MBCMDR's Avatar
    This should be an easy Jailbreak after first break, just have boot strap to read from SD (SD x.x.x version Download Update) for boot and update and use for repeated jailbreak versions.

    I just like to know what the internal 3G chip will handle in Freq as dislike when set to 1900-2100 when want 1700-2100 in future.

    2010-02-13 09:51 PM
  9. FerrariCUBU's Avatar
    I don't understand all of the negativity. So what if the iPad isn't running OS X? It is still a lot better than an iPod Touch. Maybe people need to start looking at what it does have and not what the rumors said it would have. I would wait until it is released to the public before making accusations.
    2010-02-15 05:33 PM
  10. pryguy's Avatar
    speed racer
    2010-02-20 06:49 PM
  11. DcMeese's Avatar
    disappointed that its not OSX
    The iPhone runs OSX... Mobile OSX...
    2010-02-27 07:15 AM
  12. dale1v's Avatar
    The iPhone runs OSX... Mobile OSX...
    lol, pedantics won't hide the blunt truth that it's not a real OS.
    2010-02-27 09:53 AM
  13. flash858's Avatar
    I do admit it is appealing for those of us who read a lot of ebooks (which is the primary use of my iPod Touch at present, and use the email 2do, calendar, etc. to sync with the computer.

    I seriously feel though they missed the mark, and leaving out flash was a huge mistake (as it is on the iPod/iPhone).

    When the second gen (history has taught us to never, ever buy a 1st gen Apple product...) comes out in 2011 or 2012, I will be shopping for a 16 GB 1st gen, and will pay $200 for it.
    That will be worth the money. Like others, I will wait for a jailbreak though...
    2010-02-27 06:32 PM
  14. brody01134's Avatar
    you could prob find a way to run osx on it
    2010-03-06 12:05 AM
  15. tsatryan's Avatar
    lol, pedantics won't hide the blunt truth that it's not a real OS.
    pe∑dan∑tic (pə-dān'tĭk)
    adj. Characterized by a narrow, often ostentatious concern for book learning and formal rules: a pedantic attention to details.
    pe∑dan'ti∑cal∑ly adv.
    2010-03-06 06:37 PM
  16. tsatryan's Avatar
    how to downlade jailbrack a iphione 3gs
    ^ wins the award for most misspelled words in the shortest number of words, while still making no sense at all whatsoever.

    adam tablet is way better than ipad .. ipad sucks
    What is an "adam tablet"? And how could you know that it would be better than something you have never seen, touched, or used? I have read the specks about the iPad, and I'm sorry, but I have not seen any feature listed that includes the ability to suck. I believe that would require creating a vacuum of sorts, and the iPad won't be able to do that.
    2010-03-07 07:32 PM
  17. StealthBravo's Avatar
    Those posts were junk
    2010-03-07 10:26 PM
  18. tsatryan's Avatar
    Those posts were junk
    Yep. I was trying to use humor as a means of dealing with reading them...
    2010-03-07 10:45 PM
  19. dekdek's Avatar
    the big question is with the ipad are we "locked" into ATT or are there "simfree" ipads because I will never by an ATT locked device again...[sic stupid upgrade to 3.1.3 by mistake or how I learned to start loving my new iBrick]
    2010-03-08 08:53 AM
  20. StealthBravo's Avatar
    ^ wifi iPad
    2010-03-08 07:12 PM
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