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    I used to work for apple and let me just get the record straight, apple does not pay good at all. Btw apple doesn't care about you, all your devices will be obsolete in a few years that's apple's plan. They will continue to sucker you in every year, trust me.

    This device is a giant ripoff and most of you are getting sucked in by this marketing monster. For example, the whole "no-contract" for a data plan is total marketing crap, ofcourse if your paying for the device at full price and more for an add-on feature like 3g how can they obligate you to sign a contact?! Trust me don't support this device, remember the first iPhone was retailed at $600 and after a short month it was lowered to $499, those who paid more only got a iTunes card for the difference paid.
    Apple do pay well. Maybe they didn't pay you well. Tough tits.

    Obsolete in a few years? Wow. Just like EVERY TECH GADGET EVER?

    I'm buying an ipad when it't out. You stick to your dinky little notebook.
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    2010-02-02 09:27 PM
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