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    Unless this is your first day visiting planet Earth, there's a good possibility that you're already quite familiar with what makes today's date - March 12th - quite significant in the Apple-fan and at-large tech community. Today marks the date that Apple's long awaited tablet computer known the world over as the iPad officially goes on sale for pre-order.

    Beginning at 5:30 a.m. (Cupertino, California time, of course) customers who order any of the three Wi-Fi versions of the tablet can expect delivery (at home or in store) on April 3rd. Additionally, on that occasion, the iPad will go on sale at all US based Apple stores.

    As we already know, the Wi-Fi models (which will be released to the public first) can be purchased at starting prices of $499. It won't be until late next month, however, that the three iPad models designed to work over 3G will hit the market.

    All eyes will be on Apple today and industry analysts will be watching the initial public interest in the iPad very closely - and not just in the US. By the end of next month, the iPad will be widely available in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

    In anticipation of the release, Apple's stock has continued to explode, proving a big winner for Nasdaq in the last twelve months - a time frame that has seen Apple's stock double in value.
    2010-03-12 10:58 AM
  2. steve-z17's Avatar
    There's going to be a lot of pre-orders! Can't wait to have one of my own.

    Ordered: And now we play the waiting game!
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    2010-03-12 11:34 AM
  3. Jmona's Avatar
    I agree with Steve-z17 it's gonna be aweome inspite of the lack of a front facing cam and flash anyhow I don't kiss flash on my iPhone so I can totally do without it :-)
    2010-03-12 11:38 AM
  4. madczech's Avatar
    If were talkng about pre order here... why would someone "pre order" their iPad on ebay?!? I mean you pay sooo much more and still get the iPad at the same time?! I mean dont the people think a little bit? 760$ for the 16GB wifi model that u can get in a apple store for 499$!

    16 GB Wifi 760 + $

    can someone explain the phenomenon to me??!?
    2010-03-12 11:43 AM
  5. extremzocker's Avatar
    sooo pre-ordered this. NOT
    2010-03-12 12:18 PM
  6. StealthBravo's Avatar
    I am hitting the refresh every 2 mins
    2010-03-12 01:43 PM
  7. ClerkDante's Avatar
    can someone explain the phenomenon to me??!?
    People in general are stupid, and there's always going to be someone willing to take advantage of that.

    Not only is the "winner" of this auction going to pay significantly more for the item, but they'll also get it like a week later than if they had pre-ordered from Apple directly.

    Some people just aren't very bright, and so far, there's 42 of them on that auction.
    2010-03-12 02:20 PM
  8. vikas3saraswat's Avatar
    64 gb with cover
    2010-03-12 02:34 PM
  9. StealthBravo's Avatar
    ^ me too
    2010-03-12 02:36 PM
  10. ClerkDante's Avatar
    64GB with cover for me
    16GB for da wife.

    Way to easy to spend $1300 sometimes.
    2010-03-12 02:41 PM
  11. hoppy1028's Avatar
    64gb + case here
    2010-03-12 02:46 PM
  12. StealthBravo's Avatar
    64 gb with case
    2010-03-12 02:51 PM
  13. hoppy1028's Avatar
    i love reading comments about it elsewhere, cnn has people commenting and someone said..."No Flash media, No Hulu, No Fancast, No Farmville, No real use !!!!"
    2010-03-12 03:02 PM
  14. Happy Noodle Boy's Avatar
    Hitting the pre-order button with the fury of a thousand suns.
    2010-03-12 03:05 PM
  15. mikerlx's Avatar
    ^Some people will buy 2 ipads and resell it for $1000 for the 16gb on ebay anyway cuz apple stores may be miles away.
    2010-03-12 03:12 PM
  16. Happy Noodle Boy's Avatar
    Hitting the pre-order button with the fury of a thousand suns.
    2010-03-12 03:34 PM
  17. StealthBravo's Avatar
    ^ and the quick reply button
    2010-03-12 03:36 PM
  18. Poseidon79's Avatar
    16GB WIFI on order... maybe I'll sleep on my front porch the night before just to make sure I don't miss the delivery truck!
    2010-03-12 03:44 PM
  19. StealthBravo's Avatar
    It says it delivers the 3rd only if you have Saturday delivery. Poor Austin
    2010-03-12 03:47 PM
  20. DisneyRicky's Avatar
    How much will you have to prepay?
    2010-03-12 03:50 PM
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