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    are you aware that the title of this thread is "ipad to focus on ebooks"?
    Um, I think it actually says iPad to focus on iBooks, FAIL! So you just take swipes at Apple here, why??? Because you're a troll and an idiot. Kindle focus on ebooks, so what does that make them? And all the others too? You're just an angry little troll, and you can't justify being here, only to take swipes at Apple and never having anything positive to add, except your petty prejudice.
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    2010-03-13 08:29 PM
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    it'll be a great book reader
    killall Terminal[]
    2010-03-13 10:52 PM
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    It will probably be like the iPhone plan and have a invisible 5 gig limit. After that becomes suspicious.
    Hell, $30 for 5GB of Data is STILL good compared to AT&T's DataConnect prices.
    2010-03-15 04:10 AM
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    Can anyone tell me if the ibook app will allow us to load ebooks we already have for other e-reader devices? I have some that are currently on my harddrive that was for Sony e-reader, Kindle and Mobipocket.
    2010-03-20 07:45 AM
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    I've had an iphone for I guess a year now and have been using the Stanza app for about 6 months (there's sort of a "hack" for the stanza app,google it), anyways i put away quite a few books on my iphone. So, ive been looking at the kindle, the nook and the 100 other manufacturers of ebook readers out there....i found two that are back lit and they looks pretty lame. I read in bed alot, why should i have to put an addition clip on light on my ereader? That would really ruin it for me.

    I've preordered my ipad to read books"." The email, internet, apps, etc are all just bonuses..my 2 cents.
    2010-03-22 05:43 AM
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