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    Since rampant speculation emerged that Apple is planning to add an explicit category in iTunes for software titles, many have wondered if Cupertino was motivated to proceed with such plans as a result of the negative backlash to the recent removal of 5,000 apps deemed "inappropriate" for Apple's perpetually changing policies.

    Rather than a genuine endeavor to patch up relationships with developers, however, it's much more likely that Apple doesn't want any content shackles placed on the forthcoming iPad. The mad dash for hot new content began when Apple recently put out the clarion call to devs to submit their best apps by March 27th in order to possibly be included among the first wave of apps when the iPad App Store officially opens. Some have suggested that Apple received so many "inappropriate" app submissions that it became apparent that the creation of an advanced "parental control system" would be preferable to simply rejecting all the questionable content.

    Few have ventured to say it publicly, but the iPad will likely be used by many to view and enjoy less than what Apple would designate to be family-friendly content. To accommodate the obvious demand for more risque content, Apple is allegedly moving forward with the MPAA-modeled system of content classifications: From "G" to "R" and TV-Y to TV-MA.

    Until Apple illustrates exactly how the re-introduction of "explicit" content is going to work, there will naturally be concerns from some hoping to safeguard the iPad from being a safe-haven for smut and other content that "cheapens" the sophistication of the tablet right along with Apple's reputation. Of course, while everyone is getting bent out of shape about the possible resurrection of explicit content, Apple's filtering process remains in full. And what the company ultimately deems to be "mature" may only be "PG-13" to most others.
    2010-03-28 10:37 PM
  2. ownerofspam's Avatar
    Brazzers 4 iPad.

    2010-03-28 11:01 PM
  3. lolcats1's Avatar
    so that's the point of having an ipad, when a iphone screen isn't big enough to fap to
    2010-03-28 11:25 PM
  4. z3r01's Avatar
    bigger is always better
    2010-03-28 11:36 PM
  5. SquareWheel's Avatar
    so that's the point of having an ipad
    Showing the world just how useless you are with money.
    2010-03-28 11:40 PM
  6. SSzretter's Avatar
    $explicit_content === $$
    no signature spam please
    2010-03-28 11:55 PM
  7. Mike_7318's Avatar
    they have just caught the attention of young horny teenagers
    Thank you spirit JB for 3.1.3 !!!
    2010-03-29 12:11 AM
  8. iFrosty's Avatar
    What is Retarded is the fact they already HAVE parental controls on the damn iphone/ipod already

    settings > general > restrictions ON > apps

    see for yourself
    apple is just being a Tyrant, thats all!
    2010-03-29 02:29 AM
  9. pyromcr's Avatar
    thank you apple!
    2010-03-29 07:01 AM
  10. suicidesam's Avatar
    hooray for pron!
    2010-03-29 07:29 AM
  11. GellBrake'rrrr's Avatar
    I think Apple knows the percentage of porn sites visited online are very,very high. It probably wasn't such a factor on smaller iDevices. If you think about it, they would be losing a lot of iPad customers if such material couldn't be viewed. Especially since there's no flash! So could this mean that the iPad will really be pushed towards senior citizens who need a bigger screen, bigger buttons, and a device that is easier for the computer illitterate.

    I'm just joking about the senior citizen point, even though it kinda makes sense.

    However: It is estimated that there are 4.2 million porn Web sites — 12 percent of the total amount of sites — allowing access to 72 million worldwide visitors monthly. One-quarter of total daily search engine requests, or 68 million, are for pornographic material, where 40 million Americans are regular visitors.

    Do the math... Apple wants in on some of this money too.
    Last edited by GellBrake'rrrr; 2010-03-29 at 07:35 AM.
    StealthBravo is my Hero!!!!!
    2010-03-29 07:30 AM
  12. sphangman's Avatar
    i think that this new category will coincide with the new 4.0 os where this will by default be turned off to help useless parents everywhere .. !
    2010-03-29 01:32 PM
  13. zozodouce's Avatar
    Showing the world just how useless you are with money.
    that his money,why do you care?.
    2010-03-29 07:35 PM
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