1. moon#pie's Avatar
    Does it have a battery percent like iPhone 3gs?
    2010-04-03 05:08 PM
  2. geo411m's Avatar
    yes it does
    I want to die in my sleep like my grandfather... Not screaming and yelling like the passengers in his car.
    2010-04-03 05:08 PM
  3. moon#pie's Avatar
    agentfubu, why would he be happy about it then?

    Sweet. I'll get one when I can get a 32 gig with 3g for $600
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    2010-04-03 05:09 PM
  4. glassJAw's Avatar
    So congrats to all, is the ipad running on 3.2 or 3.1.3?
    2010-04-03 05:09 PM
  5. moon#pie's Avatar
    2010-04-03 05:10 PM
  6. awesomeSlayer's Avatar
    Ah! The iPad is going to get to be on my high-priority list!
    Asking for help is different from being stupid. Fanboys can rot in @#$%!
    2010-04-03 05:12 PM
  7. lolcats1's Avatar
    You are reading my first ever post from an iPad. Jealous? =]
    no. now go read books
    2010-04-03 05:14 PM
  8. Luppin's Avatar
    This thing won't charge from powered USB ports, only wall adapters. JOOOOOOOOOBS!!!
    Well you don't see any netbooks charging via USB so it'd be pretty weird to see the iPad do so. Besides, the iPad is made for couch surfing, and I don't think too many people have desktops in their living rooms, and if you had a laptop right next to you, why wouldn't you just use that
    2010-04-03 05:17 PM
  9. Poseidon79's Avatar
    Santa just came to my door... oooh yes. I'll be back later!
    2010-04-03 05:18 PM
  10. Cer0's Avatar
    I need to stop reading here or tech sites lol. I need to just be mad refreshing the tracking number and playing FFXIII. I am coming up on the time I get really, really tired. But to heck if I am gonna go to sleep now and have a chance of not hearing the door.
    2010-04-03 05:24 PM
  11. moon#pie's Avatar
    The ipad is growing on me. $500 too much for me right now because just my luck new mbp would be released day after I bought the ipad.
    2010-04-03 05:25 PM
  12. hnic247's Avatar
    3.2 for iphone just came out for devs..patiently waiting for the jailbreak..im about to ebay these 3 2g's i have n get the cheapest ipad hope its enough.

    2010-04-03 05:39 PM
  13. Hypertek99's Avatar
    Been playing with my iPad for over 2 hours now. I can tell the battery on this is good. When i first turned it on the battery was at 95% and i have playing with it nonstop for over 2 hours now and it's at 94% now. It doesn't charge on my usb port on my desktop. Overall i like it. Very fast.
    2010-04-03 05:43 PM
  14. Kroo's Avatar
    To all those outside the US, the release date for the rest of the world was mentioned to be the 23rd. Legen....(wait for it)...dary!!!!
    2010-04-03 05:46 PM
  15. Hypertek99's Avatar
    Oh I love the landscape and portrait lock. They need to put that on the new iPhone.
    2010-04-03 05:47 PM
  16. MacDevil7334's Avatar
    3.2 for iphone just came out for devs
    Anything noteworthy to report?
    2010-04-03 05:56 PM
  17. moneybanks14's Avatar
    I cant understand the hype about the ipad, i have both itouch and iphone and im awaiting the 3.1.3 jailbreak for 3gs and i gotta admit the iphone is so boring without jailbreak so why the big rush for ipads which are basically oversized ebook readers/ipod touchs that would be a pain to carry everywhere in a bag. I cant seem to see where the hype is coming from, what is the most outstanding difference that makes you want to purchase one. I could understand if it had multitasking or front facing camera etc but it doesn't :S
    2010-04-03 05:56 PM
  18. madpoet's Avatar
    Mine is charging from my USB as I type... on it!
    2010-04-03 05:58 PM
  19. geo411m's Avatar
    @moneybanks14 you have to use it to understand. It's so freaking fast! Have fun with your iPod touch.
    2010-04-03 05:59 PM
  20. feidhlim1986's Avatar
    You are reading my first ever post from an iPad. Jealous? =]
    2010-04-03 06:06 PM
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