1. Kyle Matthews's Avatar
    A quick look at the status of an iPad jailbreak.

    While there's no official word from anyone, MuscleNerd tweeted "spirit," a jailbreak solution being worked on by comex, should work on an iPad without any modification:

    "spirit" by @comex is pretty solid already. In fact, the expectation is it'll work during iPad testing as-is, no changes needed.

    Neither geohot nor the DevTeam have said anything yet... but geohot's got his iPad.

    So far saurik's only comment has been "Cydia on the iPad will happen if a jailbreak is released." Here's hoping someone releases something... but when? We've also heard from saurik's Twitter:

    I, and many others, are hoping for a delayed release of any iPad jailbreaks, to allow the same exploit to be used on 3.2 iPhones.
    Which makes sense. As we and many others have pointed out many times, there's a finite amount of exploits available on these devices, and there's no reason to use them up on minor releases (the same reason we don't have a 3.1.3 un-tethered jailbreak yet) when we're confident major ones are coming soon.

    So will there be an iPad jailbreak tomorrow? Not likely. But you can bet safely on one being released soon after the 3G models come out, or when the iPhone/iPod Touches get 3.2. iPads are in too many devs hands not to be.

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    2010-04-04 03:32 AM
  2. ltjbigshot's Avatar
    Can't wait to jailbreak my iPad!
    Sent from my iPad
    2010-04-04 03:37 AM
  3. Poseidon79's Avatar
    Bring on the JB anytime... I'm ready
    2010-04-04 03:39 AM
  4. hnic247's Avatar
    iphone 3.2 was release today to devs..how long does it usually take for them to release it to the public after giving it to devs?

    2010-04-04 03:45 AM
  5. romeo_herman's Avatar
    I know DevTeam been working for jailbreaking the iPad......
    2010-04-04 04:00 AM
  6. waheedtarin's Avatar
    I need my iPhone jailbreak. realese it after 3.2 though cuz apple loves to patch and always win but we always win thanks dev team geo and all the supporters
    2010-04-04 04:02 AM
  7. Melech518's Avatar
    Typing on my iPad! I cannot wait to JB this baby!
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    2010-04-04 04:03 AM
  8. Cokeman's Avatar
    I for one hope they release it soon, there are a lot of people that have a 3.1.3 phone that can't be jailbroken. I had to have my phone replaced and you guessed it 3.1.3 installed on the replacement. My heart sank as soon as I looked to see what it was. I don't know how long I can use an iPhone with out a jailbreak.
    If I can't mod it...I don't want it.
    2010-04-04 04:17 AM
  9. Bluprint's Avatar
    I joined the dark side... I have an iPad ladies
    2010-04-04 04:44 AM
  10. kingboarder's Avatar
    I love my iPad but it would be even better with ProSwitcher and AppSync
    2010-04-04 04:45 AM
  11. asmodeus_dhoine's Avatar
    I'm not even considering to buy one unless there's jailbreak for it. Screw Apple!
    2010-04-04 04:49 AM
  12. salayyad's Avatar
    MMI looking good on the iPad lol. Can't wait to jb this thing. I miss sbsettings lol
    2010-04-04 05:09 AM
  13. foundforgood89's Avatar
    that "finite number of exploits" scares me. Hope they keep coming, i never want jailbreak to end :-)
    2010-04-04 05:09 AM
  14. StealthBravo's Avatar
    I joined the dark side... I have an iPad ladies
    Are you being serious? lmao
    2010-04-04 05:09 AM
  15. mikerlx's Avatar
    I will be buying one!
    2010-04-04 05:10 AM
  16. ugshotgun's Avatar
    Well I'm a little late, I just ordered my iPad yesterday, should have it in a couple of weeks or less.

    Personally, where I'm concerned, I could care less about the JB on the iPad if it (and the iphone) were able to change the UI to add different themes. Over the last couple of months, I've pretty much found most of "my" favorite apps on the app store that were at one time only on cydia; so hopefully..."someday" they will allow us to change the themes, then pretty much for mE...jailbreaking, will be a thing of the past!

    Note 4 and iPhone 6 Plus: The best of both worlds!
    2010-04-04 05:14 AM
  17. javiert30's Avatar
    Jailbreak is more than that...
    2010-04-04 05:31 AM
  18. Zeal's Avatar
    lol iPad...

    What a name
    2010-04-04 05:39 AM
  19. hollow0's Avatar
    Typing on my iPad! I cannot wait to JB this baby!
    Seriously man, why do you have so many apple devices? What is the purpose?
    2010-04-04 05:39 AM
  20. StealthBravo's Avatar
    stock piling
    2010-04-04 05:42 AM
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