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    That didn't take long. Not at all. In fact, I've had my iPad in hand less than 24 hours.

    Using Spirit, comex's jailbreak solution, MuscleNerd has already gained root access to the iPad. An hour ago, MuscleNerd tweeted the above video and said:

    Logging into the iPad...jailbreak style! YouTube - Logging into the iPad...jailbreak style courtesy "Spirit" jailbreak by @comex
    A public, nicely packaged, Cydia including, easy-to-use solution obviously isn't here yet, and there's still a definite possibility any release will be delayed until at least the 3G iPad hits stores, or 3.2 hits the iPhone, purely as a strategic move in the jailbreakers/Apple cat-and-mouse game that may or may not exist.

    Be assured though - it is happening.

    Well that was fun Now the cross-team effort with @chronicdevteam, @comex, @chpwn and others to get *everything* working

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    2010-04-04 07:11 PM
  2. jedinight's Avatar
    yes yes it!
    2010-04-04 07:12 PM
  3. StealthBravo's Avatar
    very nice
    2010-04-04 07:12 PM
  4. Raptors's Avatar
    I posted this about an Hour ago in the Members Written iPad News

    oh well, its good to see Devs working hard on the jailbreak, even though im positive it wont be out till 3G ipad is out
    2010-04-04 07:13 PM
  5. tonyph33r's Avatar
    nice bros..........
    2010-04-04 07:14 PM
  6. madczech's Avatar
    haha niiiice!
    I don't give a damn about Chuck Norris, Spongebob can grill under water!

    2010-04-04 07:16 PM
  7. StealthBravo's Avatar
    Such an easy tool too

    2010-04-04 07:16 PM
  8. randelljack's Avatar
    Good news! Even unjailbroken iPad can be tethered with mywi from a jailbroken iPhone. CHAO!
    2010-04-04 07:17 PM
  9. Zehlek's Avatar
    Hopefully it will be released for Windows
    2010-04-04 07:18 PM
  10. ltjbigshot's Avatar
    This sounds great. The iPad (IMO) almost does not need to be jailbroken, it's amazing as is! But then I start to think of what it could do if it was jailbroken..... Very exciting! Haha.
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    Sent from my iPad
    2010-04-04 07:35 PM
  11. vedavis's Avatar
    2010-04-04 07:35 PM
  12. rphh's Avatar
    Such an easy tool too

    COOOL so im guessing this will work on the 3GS 3.1.3 new bootrom too? becaue mines sitting in its box atm network locked just waiting to be unlocked again
    2010-04-04 07:35 PM
  13. frozenra1n's Avatar
    VICTORY!!! suck it, apple.
    2010-04-04 07:39 PM
  14. eqr5549's Avatar
    2010-04-04 07:44 PM
  15. kickerman65's Avatar
    Very nice! I never doubted it could be jailbroken though. Lets all just hope for an untethered jailbreak.
    2010-04-04 07:44 PM
  16. dbizzy1's Avatar I can get my iPad, yipee
    2010-04-04 07:45 PM
  17. NArush's Avatar
    Wow... This is freakin awesome!!!
    2010-04-04 07:45 PM
  18. jerrythedom's Avatar
    Now i can consider buying an iPad
    2010-04-04 07:46 PM
  19. nitin98's Avatar
    Apple 0
    hackers 1
    after ipad release
    2010-04-04 07:46 PM
  20. Teoyaomqui's Avatar
    Wow this is Great News!!!!!

    Hold on... wait a minute, I though Apple products were secure?

    That's why I left the pesky Windows full of viruses.

    Oh well.


    Yeah they should wait till the 3G version comes out or they will patch the hole.

    Good Job guys.
    2010-04-04 07:46 PM
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