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    "Fast" appears to be the most common adjective applied to the iPad since its release. Pretty much everyone agrees the new device is quick, but we're beginning to get a picture of how quick: two benchmarks run in recent days show the iPad is twice as fast as an iPhone 3GS, and appears to be quicker for some tasks than the Snapdragon processor in the Nexus One phone. Though the A4 system-on-a-chip (SoC) appears to have the same Cortex-A8 CPU as the iPhone 3GS, one observer theorizes that the speed bump is due to the fact that the iPad can read and write memory chunks two or three times bigger than other devices.

    Craig Hockenberry, the developer of the Twitteriffic app, Craig Hockenberry, did a series of tests clocking the speed of the original iPhone, running iPhone OS 2.0, back in August of 2007. Back then, the lack of an iPhone SDK meant that the device crawled, taking almost a hundred times longer to do many tasks in comparison to desktop computers. Hockenberry compared the performance of a new iPad and an unjailbroken iPhone 3GS and found that the tablet was between 1.5 and 3.9 times faster than the phone. "On average," Hockenberry wrote, "the iPad is about twice as fast as the iPhone 3GS when executing native (Cocoa Touch) applications," and from 1.2 to 2.4 times faster running Javascript. The iPad was between 12 and 8,750 times faster than the original iPhone running the 2.0 OS.

    Meanwhile, Anand Lal Shimpi at AnandTech ran some benchmarks comparing the iPad with the Nexus One phone. Both the A4 SoC in the iPad and the Qualcomm Snapdragon CPU in the Nexus are clocked at 1GHz. Since the two phones run different OSes, head-to-head comparisons were impossible, so Anand did some browser and Javascript tests to compare the CPUs and software stacks of the two devices. He found web pages loaded 10% faster on average and network-independent Javascript benchmarks gave the iPad a 37.6% advantage over the Nexus One.

    Any analysis of what might account for the difference between the two devices is going to be hampered by Apple's secrecy about the architecture of the iPad. Anand thought it likely that Apple had better interprocess communication due to improved design of Apple's custom SoC possibly including a faster memory bus. The A4's RAM is inside the chip itself, so iFixit had the reverse-engineering consultants at Chipworks go ahead and X-ray it to discover two stacked Samsung DRAM chips. David Carey, vice president of technical intelligence at UBM TechInsights, told the Wall Street Journal that these DRAMs read and write data in 64-bit chunks. "That helps it move a lot of data a lot faster," Carey said. "You are getting two to three times as many bits as would be characteristic in such products."

    image via AnandTech
    2010-04-06 12:59 AM
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    When it outruns a Kenyan, I'll be impressed.
    2010-04-06 01:07 AM
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    fasters allways better. doesnt look like its quite twice as fast. but fast indeed.
    killall Terminal[]
    2010-04-06 01:10 AM
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    its not a god damn phone its a tablet ofcourse its faster
    2010-04-06 01:21 AM
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    When it outruns a Kenyan, I'll be impressed.
    that just made me fall on the ground and start laughing
    2010-04-06 01:22 AM
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    its not a god damn phone its a tablet ofcourse its faster
    Exactly what they guy said...

    /Thread Closed.

    What a fail new article
    2010-04-06 01:31 AM
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    a had to think for a second A KENYAN lmao
    2010-04-06 01:31 AM
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    fasters allways better.
    Ask your girlfriend that and see what she says

    Edit: From Chipworks: "1 Gb mobile DDR SDRAM (x2)" So it has 2GB RAM? hmmmm
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    2010-04-06 01:34 AM
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    lmao these comments are the best lmao

    that was funny as hell
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    2010-04-06 01:37 AM
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    Ask your girlfriend that and see what she says
    You obviously haven't taken advice from the great Tenacious D; have you?

    "I'm gonna **** you...softly. I'm gonna screw you gently..."

    2010-04-06 01:46 AM
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    you know what has better specs than all of them? my windows 98 computer! (not quite but kinda)
    2010-04-06 01:47 AM
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    wow lol
    2010-04-06 01:51 AM
  13. lexquiles's Avatar
    Ask your girlfriend that and see what she says

    Edit: From Chipworks: "1 Gb mobile DDR SDRAM (x2)" So it has 2GB RAM? hmmmm

    That's too funny!!!
    2010-04-06 02:05 AM
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    So much jokes from everyone's comment hahahah!!! LMAO this just made my evening/morning Thanks guys
    2010-04-06 03:04 AM
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    Ask your girlfriend that and see what she says

    killall Terminal[]
    2010-04-06 03:23 AM
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    Wow, I'd hope it be faster than a phone. Why don't they test it against a net book with an Intel Atom? Cause we all know the answer...
    2010-04-06 03:29 AM
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    Interesting. Whats next, a call quality comparison ?
    2010-04-06 03:38 AM
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    What a stupid comparison. iPhone and Nexus are phones and the 3GS hardware is not as good as iPad so it's obvious that iPad is quicker as it has more ram than Nexus. Fail.

    MBP 15" 2.66Ghz Core 2 Duo Nvidia 9400M 9600GT 256MB OS X 10.6.4 Windows 7 June 2009
    iPhone 4 August 28th
    2010-04-06 03:58 AM
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    Hmmmmm, 600MHz processor in the 3GS vs. 1GHz (1000MHz) A4? I wonder which one is faster? And what's that you say? Almost twice as much? Perhaps one and two thirds times faster maybe?

    Epic failure of an article.
    2010-04-06 04:02 AM
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    When it outruns a Kenyan, I'll be impressed.
    ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!! haha thanks for you =)
    2010-04-06 04:04 AM
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