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    While iPad shortages are causing delayed shipments on international orders elsewhere, Israel is yet to get the iPad too - but by choice. And the nation is effectively threatening anyone who attempts to purchase or obtain a US version of the device. What's more, an Israeli who does so will have their tablet confiscated. You see, the Communications Ministry in Israel has blocked the import of iPads to Israel.

    So adamant is the government regarding this policy that if anyone attempts to enter the country through customs with an iPad, officers have been granted authority to confiscate any and all Apple tablets. Even worse, iPad owners will be slapped with a fine in order to cover the cost of storing the device until the present ban is lifted.

    While several media outlets have slanted coverage to suggest that Israel has banned the use of iPads for some unspecified reason, Israel has admitted to holding off on the iPad's arrival until the device has been thoroughly tested and inspected by the government. Apple's Israel distributor is apparently yet to provide Israel with enough details as to how the device works from the inside and out. Until then, there will be no such thing as an iPad permitted within Israeli borders.

    According to one Israeli government official who spoke with Haaretz:

    As the Israeli regulations in the area of Wi-Fi are similar to European standards, which are different from American standards, which permit broadcasting at lower power, therefore the broadcast levels of the device prevent approving its use in Israel.
    In case you're wondering, ten iPads have reportedly been confiscated so far, says the head of customs at Ben-Gurion International Airport.
    2010-04-15 12:27 AM
  2. battlecrushr's Avatar
    and why are they doing this
    2010-04-15 12:29 AM
  3. jdyates's Avatar
    Amazing that someone can hate apple more than i do.
    2010-04-15 12:31 AM
  4. z3r01's Avatar
    and why are they doing this
    Because Israel wants flash
    2010-04-15 12:35 AM
  5. zozodouce's Avatar
    must be a boring day,no good news to report on.
    2010-04-15 12:39 AM
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    Seems the iPad has problems with WiFi power and channel usage.

    [ame="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_WLAN_channels"]List of WLAN channels - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia[/ame]

    2010-04-15 12:42 AM
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    lolz @ israel,
    such a stupid government in many ways,
    2010-04-15 12:42 AM
  8. zozodouce's Avatar
    So what does this mean for visitors to Israel? Are you going to try to take my iPad even though I'm just visiting for a few days, then going back to my home? Don't think so.
    2010-04-15 12:44 AM
  9. iPhoneApps's Avatar
    I think this has a lot to do with Israel not being happy with U.S. diplomacy. Recently the U.S. hasn't been siding with Israel on all their decisions. Politics...

    But for someone who's pissed that the iPad doesn't include Flash I say GOOD.
    2010-04-15 12:47 AM
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    EDIT CPJR - Worthless.
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    2010-04-15 12:58 AM
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    ^^ now now. No one is perfect - including yourself.
    2010-04-15 01:00 AM
  12. -=viper=-'s Avatar
    lol - aren't we a bunch of s holes.. ^
    its not completely accurate
    the latest statement is allowing only one iPad per parson - our dumb *** government afraid of a massive illegal importation of iPads
    p.s im from Israel
    2010-04-15 01:04 AM
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    Hi, I'm a Mac
    and Israel I a PC

    Hi, I'm a Mac
    and Israel is a PC
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    2010-04-15 01:06 AM
  14. billmilo's Avatar
    I have no idea why anybody would visit Israel besides to see loved ones. It's hell to go through their airports and customs, and you get treated like crap.
    2010-04-15 01:12 AM
  15. Tenspeed123's Avatar
    Because Israel wants flash
    This made me laugh pretty hard :P
    2010-04-15 01:13 AM
  16. pyromcr's Avatar
    ok, thats kind of weird. who cares about the broadcasting levels?
    2010-04-15 01:15 AM
  17. JHoffy1's Avatar
    @jadi --> hope you are kidding.

    Probably doesnt have anything to do with politics. Going after Apple by banning the usage of a handheld computer in a country the size of Delaware isn't a strong use of force and diplomacy.

    More likely is that they are just being careful about the security of their citizens. Homeland security there, by necessity, makes our homeland security look like rental security guards.

    PS - [Play Nice]
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    2010-04-15 01:16 AM
  18. billmilo's Avatar
    I think this has a lot to do with Israel not being happy with U.S. diplomacy. Recently the U.S. hasn't been siding with Israel on all their decisions. Politics...
    Yeah how dare the US, disagree with a country of barely 7 million people, a country smaller than the state of Virginia, a country created by the US and European countries, a country which depends solely on the yearly $3-4 billion support from the US?

    I don't hate Israel, but their leaders act as if the US needs them more, than Israel needs the US.
    2010-04-15 01:16 AM
  19. power2themax12's Avatar
    Let's try NOT to insult Israel, the Israeli government, or Jews in this thread. Do you really want to start a flame war here?
    2010-04-15 01:16 AM
  20. JHoffy1's Avatar
    Actuall the US does need Israel. AND Israel needs the US... It's a symbiotic relationship. Israel is the only place in the middle east with western thinking.. If the US did not have Israel, they'd have no military home base or a place to land their planes in the middle east. Any change in diplomacy with the arabic countries and the US would have no soil to put their military on.
    2010-04-15 01:21 AM
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