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    1. i dont care what ya talk about but no talking of ccracked apps is one...
    2. language people...act up get slapped up with infractions
    3. no insulting other members regardless of your opinions...it doesnt justify anything

    I actually got my 64 GB iPad, the Sprint Overdrive, and this snazzy case today.

    Live in Las Vegas so I have 4G here; been playing around with a little bit, but don't know enough to make a full report yet.

    From what I've seen so far, the device has a bad battery life and constantly disconnects my iPad from the WiFi network, but besides that the 4G seems to be pretty fast.

    (And its unlimited B/W for 4G and 5 GB for the 3G; if you live in a 4G town like me this is actually a pretty damn good deal)
    that is correct with the battery life
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    Sprint with the fake 4g signal it just doesnt exist. 3g is all they have and limit to 5gb thats like 20 min of surfing. Untill they drop the price and compete with att prices they will not have any business
    Sprints 4g speed does work in Chicago , I had my laptop linked up with my brothers overdrive network , it is darn fast , according to him , he had 0 3G usage for the month of march
    2010-04-19 08:13 AM
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