1. smooth22's Avatar
    This is some of the things that happens in a bad economy with not many jobs available. He's probably going to sale the device.
    2010-04-22 04:11 AM
  2. Cer0's Avatar
    This is the type of things that happen even if the economy was not on the down side. There will always be and always has been thieves.
    2010-04-22 04:44 AM
  3. extremzocker's Avatar
    what a dbag!!
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    2010-04-22 08:10 PM
  4. ima80baby's Avatar
    It could have been this guy.

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pD5TdzcsD8o&feature=player_embedded#]YouTube - White Thief Disguises Himself As Black Man To Rob 6 Banks[/ame]!
    2010-04-22 08:25 PM
  5. kingrokh's Avatar
    maniac man !!!!
    2010-04-22 11:27 PM
  6. mlee2010's Avatar
    I dont know how it is now, its been 5 years since I lived in Colorado. But back in 2005 I saw more Canadians than blacks there. Not a racial thing, just was like that. The best state in the US that I have been to, that I have beenn through several.
    Its just unfortunate that african males commit crimes more commonly than most other ethnic groups. White men tend to do corporate and digital crimes more, etc.. Not going to get too into this but was it worth it?
    Im personally waiting for the ipad to hit a price break hopefully around christmas when its time to get a new computer/upgrades purchased.
    2010-04-23 07:46 AM
  7. JimMag01010's Avatar
    Bobby Brown or Forest Whitaker but bobby brown probably would do something like that since no more Whitney money!!!!!
    2010-04-23 08:05 AM
  8. coloradoxmfan's Avatar
    The thief that ripped a customer's finger off, as a result of stealing his iPad, has been caught!!!

    2010-04-24 08:44 PM
  9. thetoothfairy's Avatar
    I wonder what they are going to charge him with and what he is going to get out of this? I sure hope a lot!
    2010-04-25 02:18 AM
  10. mlee2010's Avatar
    they should let the victom rip off one of his fingers off but end it with a salt bath. Evil I know, but he's never going to learn
    2010-04-25 08:10 AM
  11. Cer0's Avatar
    The thief that ripped a customer's finger off, as a result of stealing his iPad, has been caught!!!

    They had a clear camera shot of him. I am glad they caught him.
    2010-04-25 02:47 PM
  12. oldman50's Avatar
    how was the man able to buy an ipad before the release???
    2010-04-27 04:47 PM
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