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    I hope no one is trying to replace a navi with a ipad. 3g is not that great especially for travel. There are lots of areas that have poor 3g or no 3g. Even in big cities like la or sf there's bad 3g that makes the dot location jump around giving u inaccurate location. Also there is no voice turn by turn like on androids google map. A car navi is half the cost and is more reliable.
    2010-05-03 11:35 AM
  2. xpate's Avatar
    ummm, guessing you never heard of tom tom, lol. Give us a break, rofl. Hell, I drove through Thailand last month with a 3GS and it was as good as it gets. Are you some kind of troll? Blah, what a waste of bandwidth. Your car navi can't play HD content, edit and write docs, not to mention read books or play games, lol. You are too silly. You should frequent another forum, and be your downer self there.
    2010-05-03 03:13 PM
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