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    patent battles are ridiculous (whatever the sides are).
    Patents were made to protect intellectual property against unfair misuse, not cover technology and make it unavailable to others.

    Whom shall i pay for playing custom-mage guitar? Or whom shall i pay for using smilies? Or maybe even these letters we all use, they were invented by someone too.

    I always wondered who actually profits from this patent battles...
    You only seem to half understand patent laws here (based on your response). The patent law is mainly set in place so "some other guy" cannot go out and make money off of something I came up with without my consent (be that for free, in some sort of contractual agreement, etc.) Assuming the smilies you use are patented, you can bet Google, AOL, and whatever other company you are transmitting the smilies with has been given permission (or maybe not, in which case the rightful owner can sue under the law). As far as the guitar statement, one cannot own a patent for playing the guitar. Even if it could be, it has been around long enough to become public domain. Now if you were reproducing exact replicas of Fender guitars, stamping the Fender name on them and selling them as such, that would be an entirely different story.

    For what it's worth, I agree many patent laws (that catch the eye of the public) tend to get abused. One example is gobbling up any and all patents that I possible can whether I end up using them or not just to keep others from using them without cutting me a paycheck.

    Literally everyone is after Apple, to kill their devices.
    Them's the shakes when you play a shady game. By the way, go back and look at Nintendo's deal. I think you have them wrong (as do most people).
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    I once prayed to God for an iPhone, but quickly found out He didn't work that I stole an iPhone and prayed for His forgiveness.

    A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than you love yourself. - Josh Billings
    2010-05-09 05:08 AM
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    It's a Mexican standoff. Apple uses patented industry standards in the iphone, and opens talks for technology swap in leu of licensing payments. Nokia wants most of the new technology apple developed for the iphone. Apple says no. Nokia say, we'll sue. Apple finds out nokia are using their patented touch technology in up coming phone. Apple says we'll sue. And the merry go round continues. In the long run, this will settle long before it gets to court. Making noise about it is an attempt to rattle the other party. In days long past, this used to happen behind closed doors. It's still a pi$$ing competition only more public. They're both as bad as each other.
    2010-05-09 02:54 PM
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    oh here we go again
    killall Terminal[]
    2010-05-09 09:47 PM
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    In my opinion apple is kicking the asses of their competitors, they're lagging behind in the tech wars. Apple has 3 years on the comp with it's technology, what the loosers need to do it step their game up and incorp their gadgets with apple. I'll never buy another windows or pc product ever again it's apple & oranges and an apple a day keeps the doctors away. Apple Rules the tech world
    2010-05-11 01:05 AM
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