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    why? - i dont know what Wal-Mart is like btw
    Wal-Mart has the tendency to pull the **** move of going into small towns and pricing their stuff far below actual quality products sold in Mom and Pop stores and running them out of business. All the sell is cheap Chinese garbage and anyone who throws away money on anything other than food or household supplies there should stop financing that horrible company. They used to be a great company, until Sam died. Then his kids ruined the company.

    Great, there goes the iPad exclusivity, now everyones going to have one.
    Does having something that no one else does help your self confidence, does it make you feel better than other people that you have an inanimate object they don't? Do you need the ego boost or something? Why does exclusivity matter? If I find an awesome product I make sure I tell every person I know so they buy one and that company gets rewarded for making quality products.
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    2010-05-14 01:29 AM
  2. Bo Troxell's Avatar

    No, more like:

    Buyer: Hey can I have that ipad right there?
    Salesperson: Sorry honey, not my section, I don't have the key. Also, I get paid by the hour so i don't really feel like calling Betty on the radio. She probably just went to the toliet again for the third time this hour.
    buyer: Um, ok. *waits for betty*
    *betty finally comes*
    Buyer: hey, can i purc---
    *betty starts helping someone else with some sort of PS3 game.
    Buyer: Hey can I purchase your ipad right there?
    Betty: Sorry, but that one is for veiwing purposes only. Let me go to the back.
    *ten minutes later*
    Betty: Sorry, but were out of ipads, we will get our next shipment.

    Hahah, that's why I save five bucks and go to bestbuy...I like the atmosphere at bestbuy better too..
    lmao, now that's just funny and from my experiences, spot on.
    2010-05-14 02:20 AM
  3. lolcats1's Avatar
    lmao, now that's just funny and from my experiences, spot on.
    i prefer the Internet.

    *sits on ass*
    *clicks on the picture of an ipad*
    *sits on ass*
    *ipad arrives at door*

    yep, beats out both of those scenarios.
    2010-05-14 02:25 AM
  4. pojo644's Avatar
    Not going to happen. Walmart is not a prefered apple vendor. The only reason walmart has the iPhone is because of AT&T, and apple will not give any support to the stores.
    2010-05-14 03:39 AM
  5. Khoffice's Avatar
    Doesn't any one know that for most of the products walmart sells, they make special deals with manufacturers to use cheap parts on the same products. That is how they are so damn cheap. Feel free to compare anything in there to an identical product in another store. Maybe not with apple, but maybe so.
    2010-05-15 03:09 AM
  6. Cer0's Avatar
    But also WalMart is buying in a massive bulk compared to other stores. There are far more WalMarts than many other big chains. So buying more product in bulk than others gives them a bigger discount.
    2010-05-15 04:00 AM
  7. Nickaroni22's Avatar
    Walmart, where the electronics guy, is 300lbs, and has a mullet! I bet he'll know alot about the products. I'd stick with Apple Store or Best Buy, where people know what's going on. Walmart is horrible, I can't believe Apple would lower there standerds all sell there products here.
    2010-05-15 06:08 PM
  8. kharkiv's Avatar
    walmart often gives away free stuff. maybe it will give away iPads )))
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    2010-05-15 09:53 PM
  9. parishm's Avatar
    what a joke that will be, more will get stolen than are sold !!!
    it's not that I'm lazy, it's that I just don't care.
    2010-05-15 11:50 PM
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