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    you guys sound like a bunch of 5 year olds. Who cares if this person like Windows or that person likes mac. If thats what they like than so be it maybe just what works in there everyday life. Being a Gulf vet I kinda compare it to that. i always herd different soldiers bashing other military branches about there decisions to join this branch or that branch. We r all in it together and trying to accomplish the same thing. So if this person likes the os and the person next to you likes a different os who cares. If it works for them in there every day life than so be it. A windows user could easily say if you guys r so apple thru and thru then y do some of you try so hard to make themes that look like windows or how many of you use parallels. Im not trying to bash anyone just putting my two cents in. I dont post a whole lot on here but this thread caught my eye and had to respond. Hopefully no one was offended by my post cuz that wasn't my intension.
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    2010-05-17 05:06 PM
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    Apple bias on a website dedicated to modifying an Apple product!? No wai!
    2010-05-17 05:52 PM
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    You don't seem to understand to point of a news article. It's supposed to be informative, and even if you want to consider this a "blog" article, you are still misleading the reader. Apple products are NOT failproof. My iPhone has crashed much more times than I've ever experienced with any PC (even Vista). Why not write about that? I've had friends Mac's freeze in front of them. Whether you prefer each is up to you, but don't go saying all Windows PC's crash constantly and OS X is perfect.

    This was probably intended as a "joke" but when you are misleading about a product which covers 90% of the market share don't expect to come out clean
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    the jailbreak will definatly happen
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    2010-05-17 10:30 PM
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    i call dibbz
    2010-05-17 11:18 PM
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    @frozenra1n I'll race u for it
    2010-05-18 12:55 AM
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    To start I was raised on macs, but personally owned PC's for most of my adult life. What's up with all the Windows-fan-boy thing going on. I use XP currently and thought the joke was funny! The writer uses PC, and wrote the joke! Y'all need to chill, for real! Good article, wish I owens one. My dads mac se/30 is used as a foot rest under his new iMac it's ironic were nastolgic apple products end up!
    2010-05-18 01:27 AM
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    My windows never crashes...it does lag tho. Haha retarded bidding! ;P
    That Thanks button is there for a reason!

    2010-05-18 03:17 AM
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    My Win7 machine has been flawless. In fact, the MBP I just bought is my first mac and it has crashed more times in the one month I've had it than my pc has since I've owned it (1year). OSX may be great for some applications, but my first month with OSX has been unimpressive. And BTW, these crashes on my mac are complete system crashes. No blue screen, just a blank screen and I have to hold down the power button to reboot. I can't remember the last time I had to do that with a pc
    2010-05-18 03:59 AM
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    You are so ignorant and biased that it makes me sick reading your articles. If you properly know how to run Windows, you shouldn't have any issues. You think Macs are perfectly built machines that never have any hardware failures/issues? At least write "fanboy" at the end of your article.
    2010-05-18 09:14 PM
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