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    I just have to add, after looking at that picture again.

    That pic and his tongue is just so vile!
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    2010-07-13 05:12 AM
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    Just like they did when they went after the iPod and iPhone?

    There's a very good reason the iPad isn't running a full OS and you'll all see exactly why when you first touch a Windows based tablet.

    If you want all the functionality of a laptop, buy a laptop. That's not what iPad is supposed to be, and as companies desperate for market share try to copy it, they'll begin to learn that.

    I just got back from a weekend camping. On my iPad I watched two movies, read an entire book, stayed in contact with work and kept my kid entertained on both of the 3 hour drives and at intervals throughout the weekend and my battery was over 40% when I got home.

    No way in hell I'm giving that up for 1.5 hours of flash and overall terrible performance.

    The only things I use on my laptop any more are Final Cut and GarageBand and I can't really see a need for either of those things on a tablet.

    I'm curious what people think they're missing (other than the much talked Flash) from the iPad experience.
    Thankyou! My thoughts exactly. Flight from Chicago to Las Vegas with the 7-yr-old: movies, books, podcasts and oh-so-much lighter than a 'portable DVD player'; bigger screen than a 'portable media player'; longer battery life than a laptop (given the lightness and dimensions).

    limited? what can't you do on your ipad? let's see. i can play music, watch movies, read ebooks, play games, remotely connect to linux, macs and windows computers, surf the web, send and receive email, stream video, edit photos, draw, paint, work with a word processor, work with a spreadsheet, view maps, get directions, put together a presentation, play on-line games against people from around the world, instant message, send and receive SMS messages, hook up to IRC servers, voice chat, read electronic magazines, comics and PDF files.

    limited..? only thing i think that's limited is your opinion.
    Thankyou! I also use mine for the same and I use the LCARS RSS reader (dude! it's an iPADD!). I also use it when I'm teaching to control PowerPoint and to draw on the screen via 'mobile mouse'; Sunday brunch crosswords with the missus; webex meetings; netflix and slingbox in the hotel; and PressReader (which will save newspapers -- the content not the medium).

    Looks like we got us a I bought an iPad and returned it. It's a nice toy but flawed in the real world. It's biggest flaw you ask? The inability to upload files to my on-line class. Bye Bye iPad.

    Microsoft on the other hand, is all talk and no action. They are so far behind it's almost comical.


    I don't understand why people buy an iPad, return it, and then complain about what it couldn't do and call it a "toy". Do you not research before you buy?
    And that, I think describes the problem. Yes, a more powerful device in the same size might be nice but if that's what you wanted out of the iPad or why you don't like the iPad YOU'RE MISSING THE POINT: it was never designed to be that kind of device!

    It is nearly perfect for what it was designed to be: a BIG iPod Touch. YES. That's exactly what it was meant to be. It's a MEDIA device. It's a larger-than-handheld-so-it's-got-a-usable-screen device. It gave existing users (the primary market) instant access to everything they already know and are familiar with (syncing, iTunes, App Store, etc.) but in something more reasonably sized.

    For what it was designed to do IT'S A TOTAL WIN.

    If you are looking for something more powerful, you're looking for something else. Period.

    I would also like to see a something like a Mac Book Air with no keyboard so I could have a full-blown computer. But that's not what I got my iPad for. I got it to do all the things I was doing on my iPhone but was just getting fed up with the size and battery life.

    I'm glad I bought my iPad, but I still find myself having to drag my iPad and laptop both to work with me. I think it would be pretty cool if Microsoft could come up with a decent tablet that could run Windows and Windows Apps at decent speeds, decent memory, and a good long lasting battery life. Not to mention, it would be awesome if they added USB ports.

    The iPad's biggest fail is that it's only limited to the apps in the app store, and there's no USB port either. If the iPad had a USB port, it would solve a lot of issues for me, that make me have to drag around my iPad and laptop.
    Ditto on the dragging-things-around: they both go with me when I travel. But then, they do different things. I totally agree on the USB port, but I disagree on the App Store.

    If Microsoft came up with something that's actually decent and reliable, I'd jump and buy it in a heartbeat if it came at a decent price.
    Ha. Not likely. I think MS' time has come and gone. Their share is declining -- not by much now, but it's a trend: my employer, a solidly MS shop for over a decade and a half, is seeing about a third of it's 60+ thou employees switching to Mac, and the numbers are trending up. Same thing with 'smartphones' vis-a-vis the iPhone. The only reason MS numbers don't look worse is their 'clever' licensing scheme. Which means these trends are going to be hidden until it's time to renew licenses and then that rubberband is going to SNAP. It's going to take a major shakeup in management to give them any of the 'jazz' that Apple or Google have and they're going to have to lose double-digit market share before that happens.

    Of course, that's just my opinion: I could be wrong (time will tell.)
    2010-07-13 06:58 AM
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    Yah cause the Kin did so well when they decided to make a phone, too.

    *cough* windows 7 phone *cough*
    2010-07-13 05:45 PM
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    Looks like we got us a I bought an iPad and returned it. It's a nice toy but flawed in the real world. It's biggest flaw you ask? The inability to upload files to my on-line class. Bye Bye iPad.
    looks like we got someone who's ignorant on how computers actually work.. can't upload files, maybe you ought to take that up with your on-line class and not the ipad.
    2010-07-13 10:09 PM
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    Finally, a Steve Balmer picture.
    2010-07-21 08:07 AM
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