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    The connector is nothing new but not sure I would want that because it would throw off being able to carry just one cord for your iPhone iPad and iPod. Now you wood need another cable
    Why would you need aother cable? Exactly, you wouldn't. Why would it force you to have another connector? It's not like you would need to have both cords in at the same time to charge/sync your iPad.

    It just gives you the option to put in landscape mode. It doesn't have anything to do with an additional cable.
    2010-09-27 01:32 AM
  2. sziklassy's Avatar
    Good. Still no form of USB or any sort of other input/output. If this is what is coming I can save my money yet again!
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    2010-09-27 01:52 AM
  3. bsltiger's Avatar
    I mean.... I don't even own a MacBook and I know that they've been using the right angle MagSafe stuff for a while.
    2010-09-27 03:13 AM
  4. brbortscheller's Avatar
    For those of you that think you would have to have [/B] ANOTHER [/B] cable just to charge/synchronise, that would make your pathetic little thinking incorrect. They only offer the feature for LLs. (LandscapeLovers).
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    2010-09-27 04:15 AM
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    thanks for sharing
    2010-09-30 08:39 AM
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