1. Poseidon79's Avatar
    The point being 1080p output should not be a deciding factor when buying a dinky little 7" tablet device. I'm not saying nothing should be 1080 capable.

    I have a PS3 for bluray and a 60" DLP 1080p HDTV which I took a long time calibrating for optimum viewing and did a lot of research and homework to make sure I was getting the best for my money. People that lurk around here or on tech blogs are the minority of consumers.

    ...the benefits of 1080p vs. 720p start to become apparent when closer than 9.8 feet and become full apparent at 6.5 feet. In my opinion, 6.5 feet is closer than most people will sit to their 50" plasma TV (even through the THX recommended viewing distance for a 50" screen is 5.6 ft). So, most consumers will not be able to see the full benefit of their 1080p TV.
    Case and point. 99.9% of consumers should not purchase 1080p technology for an average living room
    2010-09-28 07:27 PM
  2. Daps's Avatar
    I guess outputting to 1080p is a good thing but if you save a 1080p full length movie you'll need a lot of space. Either way it's a nice option to have but I rather use my PS3 and big screen if I want full head on 1080p.

    720p is fine for me on such a small device. Heck I'm satisfied with the resolution on the videos I converted for my iPhone3G/4

    I saw on engaget someone held an iPad up to the Playbook, my goodness the iPad looks huge.

    I guess I'm one of the few who wouldn't mind a 7" tablet.

    Playbook definite has my attention, it's going to have to have a RDP client app and Netflix for me to really consider it but I think the main thing
    is going to be

    #1 Price Price Price, if it cost $499 then I don't see it being a fast mover.

    #2 Apps & UI . If developers don't develop for it or the UI is bad it's a no go

    #3 Battery. With the specs given If it can do 8hr video or web without charging I think it'll do fine. 3hrs and I'm taking my netbook on my flights
    2010-09-28 08:01 PM
  3. domaid's Avatar
    Really liking the look of that device pairing would like to see something like that integrated into the ipad
    2010-09-28 09:20 PM
  4. resp3ct's Avatar
    It's gonna take Rim a long time to reach their target, apple is way ahead with it's smart devices
    Go Apple
    2010-09-29 08:27 AM
  5. lightfighter's Avatar
    With dual core processor batt life will be around 4 hrs. Doing nothing
    RIM os sucks and apps are going to be limited

    Apple could always do a better job. The whole flash issue is just plain stupid
    2010-10-07 10:06 PM
  6. Daps's Avatar
    Why would battery life be around 4hrs because it's a dual core? I really doubt it will be because of the processor, the 2nd core is only used when needed.

    As for flash, I don't think Apple is going to ever bow down and allow it but that's the beauty of these other devices. At least you have other choices.

    Notion Ink looks like they are on schedule for a end of the year early 2011 release.
    2010-10-07 11:48 PM
  7. lightfighter's Avatar
    Dual proc in regards to battery life. Will depend on crappy apps which there will be many of those on that wack *** OS it's Runningf
    2010-10-08 01:39 AM
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