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    Here is the problem with your logic. Who really cares about a stupid webcam. For gods sake, it's like saying well my car has a sun roof, that is why it is superior to yours. Also, why are we hating on the iPad because you have to buy additional accessories to do video out. Again, it is trivial. Of all the owners that I know, I think only one had an issue with that. The problem is this: Like it or not, Win7 is made for desktop computers, not a netbook-tablet. It's just that simple.

    Here are the real factors to consider when deciding between tablets:
    • Battery life
    • Intuitive interface
    • Customization
    • Community support
    • Potential for firmware updates

    I'm sure that you noticed that all of these factors point towards the iPad. I love the idea of competition, it drive the companies to create better products for the consumer, but honestly, I'd buy a RIM tablet before picking up an HP device. Big deal, it could have HDMI, but that doesn't meant that it will be nice and easy to use. I really do like Win7 on my Fiancés laptop, it runs smoothly and really just makes sense. But, that is on a laptop. What kind of support is this tablet going to get? Are there going to be 10's of thousands of apps available specifically for it? Apps that utilize the touch interface? I don't think so.


    This is literally nothing new. The only difference is that HP is taking the design cues from Apple. Used for business? Highly unlikely. Have you seen the toughbook? That is what people use. Which has been around for centuries . What can I say? It just doesn't compete. I might pick one up though, so I can put iTunes on it lol, and sync my ipad to it on the go, lol.

    If you want I'll send you a picture of both: my macbook and my Panasonic Thoughbook CF-19.

    Of course I'd use an HP slate better than my thoughbook ... only compare the size and you will understand what I mean. An slate will make me possible to do the same than my macbook and my thoughbook. CAN YOU SHARE FILES WITH A FRIEND WITHOUT JAILBREAK AND A COMPUTER FROM YOUR IPAD TO AN OTHER DEVICE? I don't think it so.

    Apple IOS is easy to use, yes. But is not a real OS. CAN YOU COPY SOME FILES WITH AN EXTERNAL CD WRITER,SD CARD,USB PENDRIVE? FAIL ... You can't. I'ts a closed platform and some of you still thinking that Microsoft is Evil. Look arround you Mr Jobs is looking for your souls.

    Sorry but I still thinking the same you can't compare a firmware upgrade that only introduces little improvements that a real OS already has. Sorry but I still laughing with your words "POTENTIAL FOR FIRMWARE UPGRADES", for what? Only to introduce a gaming platform? To introduce iAds to control your interests? To introduce copy and paste? New firmware to make worst the phone's experience(do you remember multitask on iphone 3G? If you have an iphone 3GS you have to jailbreak your iphone to be able to activate the HDR capability.

    This is my last post about it ... Please still playing with your multimedia device and I'll wait for a real slate from HP or another manufacturer.
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