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    What do you need a "Full" OS for?

    Are you often sitting in a cafe, reading News feeds thinking "damn, I wish I had two hours of software patches and drivers to install" and "dangit, I'd sure love the ability to run disk utility right about now"

    People who want a "Full OS" on a tablet clearly don't get the point of them.
    2010-11-16 03:06 PM
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    This article proves Apple fanboys can spin anything into a story about how Apple is great and all other companies are failing. Pathetic.
    It's funny, though I do like apple products, I cant help but agree with your statement.
    2010-11-16 03:25 PM
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    You guys think Apple fan boys are bad? Read the people defending the Slate in the reviews section. Wow. The forgot to mention that when you actually do use the "full OS" and "full web with Flash" the 5 Hours of battery life gets cut in half! If you have to charge up your portable device every 2-3 hours it's not very portable.

    HP Slate 500 Tablet PC specifications - HP Small & Medium Business products
    Thank you, someone realizes how useless a full OS is on a tablet is completely useless, it does nothing but cut down the battery life and kills the portability of a tablet!

    Don't get me wrong guys. I'm all about a full OS tablet.. but the technology just isn't quite there yet for a good user experience. W7 is not optimized for touch, the second you boost the processor you squander the battery life... and consequently have a horriblly laggy touch screen experience. Either battery technology is going to have to progress or the tablet is going to have to be twice as thick to get decent life with decent dual core processor.
    Another good point, battery tech. just isn't up to the specs it has to be in order to run a full OS
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    2010-11-16 04:33 PM
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