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    As a technical college instructor, I am absolutely in love with this idea. Load the textbooks, website access to the classroom tools. Email me the homework! Heaven, pure heaven! We already do online testing and some homework. This would just round out the whole process!

    This may happen in private schools but it will never happen in a public school. Some public school children can barely afford school uniforms. Imagine them trying to pay another $500 per school year just for an Ipad. Even more if u are a family with several children.

    Just dont see it happening in public schools. Especially public schools that are majority low income families.

    Would it be a good idea, YES.

    But too many people like to complain about way too many things. Even if it does make life a little easier.

    Look at how much the JB community complains when they dont have a timely JB. And then they complain even more when a bug is found. And the bad part is the JBers are getting that stuff for free. Now force the JB community to pay $500 a year for JB's and lets see how much they complain.
    I have to disagree with you here the cost of textbooks for one quarter alone can run over $600.00 multiply that by 1,2 to 4 or more years of college. The cost of an iPad and the smaller cost of the e-text make this a very cost friendly process. My youngest child has had use of laptops at both the middle and high school level. It's truly a cost effective process. The option of leasing the equipment to the student with insurance for replacement considered into the cost will be a great way to handle it at the college level!

    I am currently looking for ways to incorporate this into our program now!
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    I would spend $500-700 on a iPad if all textbooks were available on it. I'm college freshman and carrying around 10-15 pounds in texts really sucks. Not to mention they can run you a pretty coin too.
    2011-02-20 06:25 PM
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    The only real increase technically speaking would be adding more outlets to classrooms and increased electrical costs to keep the iPads or other tablet devices charged up. Even if you carried a spare battery around to keep your iPad fully charged for all day classes it still wouldn't weigh nearly as much as the pens/pencils/binder/paperwork/books/calculator/etc. that you'd otherwise be carrying. In fact, backpacks would become obsolete and companies like Incase would make a killing.

    The important thing to remember at this point is how can this be accomplished while increasing the recyclability(sp?) of electronics or to find ways to make them last longer via hardware upgrades without the expense of reduced softare functionality when updating.
    2011-03-01 09:29 AM
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