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    They sell at $549 in Canada, but the Canadian dollar is worth more than the American. So they should sell it at equal or less
    Yes it sucks. 50$ more
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    2011-03-14 05:42 PM
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    As of 10 seconds ago: the Canadian Dollar is worth $1.03 US.

    Not much of a difference.

    The cost of business is significantly higher in Canada, that's what accounts for the higher prices. Your health-care is a large factor... Seems like a fair trade to me. I pay $250 US every month for insurance, you pay more for goods. It all comes from somewhere.

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    2011-03-14 06:23 PM
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    Well as far as hardware goes the xoom is actuall superior. It's mainly the iOS that makes iPad 2 better.

    And apples great taste in design
    just a note - xoom is superior on paper maybe but check out this quick benchmark of the ipad2 gpu vs the xoom gpu
    iPad 2: GPU Benchmarked with Impressive Gains - Mac Rumors

    And btw like has been said before any company has the right to price their product at whatever price point you are willing to pay for. Because we love them we buy them even at ridiculous prices (remember the first iPhone?)
    2011-03-14 06:39 PM
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    $14 for the CPU that's crazy cheap

    I wish I had a miniature elephant that fit in the palm of my hand. I would pick him up and he'd lift up his trunk and stand on his back legs and say PRRRRRRRRRRRRMMMMMMMMMPPPPPPPPPHHHHHHHH and I would say yes little elephant i love you too.
    2011-03-14 07:56 PM
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    $14 for the CPU that's crazy cheap
    When you look at the size of the chips and the yield they're able to come up with, it's not unreasonable. I've heard of older cheaper ARM cores going for $1-3.

    Keep in mind that this whole thing is an educated "pulling numbers out of their ***" exercise. The details of Apple's contracts with their suppliers including actual cost is confidential. For example, how do you think they came up with the cost of a CPU that's not available outside of Apple's internal supply line? They just made up a number that's probably close to what it actually is.

    While I kind of want a Xoom, I don't know if I'd call it an unqualified "superior". The GPU is slower and the screen is cheaper with worse viewing angles.
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    2011-03-14 08:15 PM
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    The iPad 2 display is the same as the first generation correct?

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    2011-03-14 08:44 PM
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    The iPad2 has received another tear down, this time by market research firm IHS iSuppli. This teardown is an estimate of the total cost of materials that Apple uses to manufacture the latest iPad 2. These figures help investors and analysts predict Apple’s future profitability over the next few quarters.

    IHS iSuppli estimates the total cost of materials for the Verizon 3G version of the iPad 2 with 32 GB to be $323.35. The same iPad 2 model on AT&T's network has a slightly higher cost estimate of $326.60. The difference in price is minimal at only $3.25 and most likely has to do with the fact that both versions use slightly different wireless components. For example, the AT&T version includes an extra GPS chip along with the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi chips that add an extra $1.50 to the price of each unit.

    The iPad 2 that iSuppli disassembled included an LCD panel made by LG. This LCD display is by far the highest price component coming in at $127. Apple does use LCD panels from other manufacturers, but the price difference is most likely very minimal. Apple's latest A5 chip is still being manufactured by Samsung and costs around $14 each. The memory on the 32 GB iPad 2 is said to cost $65.70 for both flash and DRAM memory chips combined.

    The total cost estimates for the iPad 2 is an important figure for investors because it helps them estimate Apple’s future profitability. These estimates, however, do not take into account other costs that Apple incurs during product development. The cost of an iPad 2 also includes such things as software development, packaging, shipping, distribution, and manufacturing. Additional costs such as these are not taken into account with the latest iPad 2 tear down estimates.

    Source: AllThingsD
    Gimme a break. That may be what it would cost YOU to make it, but if you don't think that apple is making at least a 3X markup you're a sucker.
    2011-03-14 10:07 PM
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    The iPad 2 display is the same as the first generation correct?

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    Basically, but I've heard it looks a lot clearer than the first one
    2011-03-14 11:34 PM
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    Basically, but I've heard it looks a lot clearer than the first one
    It's led backlit was the first?
    2011-03-14 11:39 PM
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    I just got a 13" MBP... I'm sitting on a towl.
    2011-03-15 10:11 AM
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    thats a great point they are only making about 35% profit which is very very low compared to cds, clothing, furniture. everybody should be thanking apple for the low price!
    2011-03-15 07:27 PM
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    The iPad 2 display is the same as the first generation correct?

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    I read somewhere that's it is the same
    You don't like the iPad because you don't have one!
    2011-03-15 08:33 PM
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